6 Tips For Utilising Natural Light In The Home

We are halfway through Autumn and that means the days are going to get shorter, it gets darker earlier and there’s a lot more overcast weather as we head into winter. So how do you keep your home bright and airy while it is dreary outside? We’ve shared some tricks to using natural light in your home to brighten up your house (and your mood) below:

Add mirrors 

Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light around your room. If you place them on a wall adjacent to a window or glass door, not only will it trick the eye into thinking your room is bigger but it will also bounce the natural light straight around your room. 

Change window coverings

Natural light can be enhanced in your home by layering different window treatments. Sheer blinds and curtains are perfect for offering privacy but still allowing natural light to come into the home. Window dressings can help make or break a room, giving a tired room a new breath of life and transforming it from drab to fab. Mixing and matching window treatment colours, textures and styles can add interest to a room as well as provide a functional role in terms of controlling light and temperature, influencing how a room feels and how we live in the space.

Sheer window treatments provide an ethereal quality to a room combining elegance with functional design, diffusing natural light to your exact preference. Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shadings with signature S-Vanes (pictured above) are a clever blend of on-trend design aesthetics and practicality. The innovative material allows you to see outside while restricting the view from the street for privacy. 

Use light colours

Stay away from dark walls and statement wallpaper which will make a room feel much smaller and darker. Instead, introduce soft whites and lighter colours which will help reflect natural light around your room. It’s best to stick to off-whites which create a warmer effect as opposed to harsh whites which can sometimes make a room feel clinical and cold.  

Trim trees and shrubs

To bring more light inside it’s useful to look outside and see if any trees or plants are covering your windows. You could consider replacing overgrown shrubs with smaller, low-lying plants to ensure your view is unobstructed and to keep the natural light pouring in.

Rearrange your furniture 

In rooms that are lacking natural light try moving furniture around to optimise how much light can access the room. For instance, any furniture blocking windows or glass doors will be altering the natural brightness of your space and should be rearranged. 

Clean your windows 

Cleaning your windows doesn’t typically sit as a priority around the home but you’d be surprised just how brighter cleaner windows can make your room.