6 Tips To Finding A Good Lawyer To Help You With A Wrong Sexual Assault Allegation

Many people are victims of wrongful sexual assault in the United States every year. If you have experienced wrongful sexual assault in the past, you have the right to file a sexual assault lawsuit and seek damages for every loss associated with the incident. 

After a wrongful sexual assault experience, you might be helpless and unsure of yourself and what you should do. You might also be planning to confront the perpetrator of the incident. 

However, with a sexual assault lawyer, you can file your claim, seek justice, and recover your losses. Let’s find out some tips on how you can find a good lawyer for your case.

Tips For Finding A Good Lawyer For Your Case 

Finding an excellent lawyer to help you with a wrongful sexual assault case can be tedious. You might not find a good lawyer by searching online for lawyers near you or reading an advertisement. 

Sometimes, these sources might not have enough information for you to make the right choice. However, there are other options and strategies you can explore. 

Let’s find out what they are.

  • Choose a specialist

You don’t have to be a victim before needing a lawyer. However, when faced with a wrongful sexual assault allegation, you should hire a sex crimes attorney and ensure you consider one who is a specialist in the field and not a generalist. Most times, general practitioners might not have in-depth knowledge of your area of concern. 

Some lawyers don’t have the right experience and training that you need for your case. Though it might be expensive to employ the services of a specialist, it is money well spent since it pays to work with a lawyer who’s well versed in your field.

  • Personal referrals

An excellent way to get the right lawyer for your case will be to speak with people in your area with similar experiences. For instance, in a sexual assault case, you can talk to people who have been wrongly accused of sexual assault. 

Seek help from lawyers who previously helped them. You might likely find some good leads when you talk with several people. 

However, it would be best if you don’t decide on a lawyer, only on people’s recommendations. People have ways they react to a lawyer’s personality and style. Only decide when you have talked with the lawyer and feel okay with their personality. 

  • Speak with Prospective Lawyers 

Another way to choose the right lawyer for your case is to schedule an interview with prospective lawyers. Then, after you have got the contact of some good lawyers, you should take steps to speak with them. 

Outline your needs in advance. For example, some lawyers would want to speak with you (free consultation) at no cost. This will let them understand your case and then make informed decisions.

  • Use lawyer referral services

Another source of information on choosing the right lawyer to help your sexual assault allegation would be to use a lawyer referral service. However, they must be approved by their system bar association, and you should also check out the quality of lawyer referral services. 

Some lawyer referral systems would screen the attorneys carefully, and then put out those that have some specific qualifications and a particular level of experience. On the other hand, other services usually just put out lawyers having good standing with their state bar and maintain liability insurance. 

So when you decide on an attorney referral service, know the lawyer’s qualifications and their screening process. Also, lawyer referral services do not give insights into a lawyer’s philosophy. For example, you might not know the lawyer’s litigation style and communication mode.

  • Promptness and communication 

The right lawyer will ensure your case is appropriately handled and follows through on every task. Ask your prospective lawyers how you can reach them and when they will return your communication. 

Most people overlook this step based on how friendly or easy it is to talk to the lawyer. However, most busy lawyers already have a system to ensure their work runs smoothly, so they will be happy when you stick to it.

  • Personality

Filing the right lawyer also means noting the chemistry of both people. Irrespective of the lawyer’s recommendation or experience, if you are not comfortable with the lawyer during your meeting, there may not be a good client-lawyer relationship. 

So stick to your guts, and choose a lawyer who is compatible with you, personality-wise. Also, look for accessibility, personal rapport, and experience.


Suppose you have been wrongly accused of acts of sexual assault or sexual battery, such as rape, groping, unwanted touching, or other acts. In that case, you can file a sexual assault lawsuit. You should follow the tips above to find the right lawyer for your case.