7 Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Your home is your biggest investment. It takes years for people to save money and buy their dream house. So, the importance of home maintenance is naturally understood. 

People often make the mistake of postponing their annual home maintenance routines. While they might think of it as no big deal, it can cost a fortune in the long run. So, to avoid unnecessary hassle, you should follow some simple but important home maintenance tips to appreciate the value of your home. 

And to help you out, we have shared some of the simple but effective home maintenance tips that you must know. Read on. 


Start off your maintenance schedule by prioritising decluttering. There must be pieces and things lying around just like that. Simply put, take a thorough look at all the rooms of your home and get rid of things that no longer serve any purpose. 

If you belong to a group that cannot easily get away with their items, even if they are useless, you can choose to give them away to people who might need them. Sounds fair enough, right? 

Fix Loud Door Hinges

Loud door hinges can be irritating, especially if you have guests come over. Squeaky door hinges are often due to the build-up of dirt and dust or a lack of lubrication in the hinge. 

Hinges bent out of shape or have loose screws can also make loud noises. As soon as you notice these repairs, make sure you call the locksmith to fix them at the earliest. 

Clean Your House Thoroughly 

There’s no alternative to cleanliness. You must clean every space in your house deeply enough to avoid the build-up of dirt and protect your house from polluted air. 

Your lazy self might beg you to skip dusting on some days, but it can risk your house with infections, harmful bacteria, insects, and other diseases. To deal with it, you can seek professional help and run a spider pest control at your house to get rid of all the insects, pests, or other bacteria. You can run these pest control after every six months. Also, don’t forget to clean up the bathrooms, as bugs love hanging out in warm and cozy places. 

Clean Your AC Filter 

The evaporator coil in the AC collects dirt over time, leading to a reduced flow of cold air. This also insulates the coil, which affects its ability to absorb heat.

 A clean filter will prevent the evaporator coil from becoming thick with grime and hence promote the system’s efficiency. It’s best to replace clogged or dirty filters with clean ones. This will also help cut down your system’s energy consumption by 10-15%.

Fix Clogged Gutters 

Though cleaning up gutters is the last thing you want to do, it’s exceedingly important for maintaining the structure of your house. Over time, gutters often get clogged with muck, sticks, and leaves, leading to water damage and other leakage problems. 

Clogged gutters can also make room for rodents and insects, which can be the primary cause of infectious diseases. As soon as you see any clogged area, get it cleaned immediately. This also includes constantly removing the hair build-up in your bathroom space. This will also help you live a more comfortable life. 

Add New Things Into Your Space 

Home maintenance could include anything that increases the value of your house. Introducing new items in your space is a great option for that. Analyze how your home looks, do your own research and see what you can do to enhance the beauty of your home. Here are some of the creative decor options for you: 

  • Customised portrait
  • Creative wallpaper
  • Floor lamp 
  • Indoor plants
  • Different types of mirrors 
  • Colourful cushions 

Brighten up the Garden Area 

Your garden area is where you spend precious time with either yourself or your family. That being said, it’s crucial to maintain it with proper care. After all, it’s the area that beautifies the entire vibe of your home. 

Make sure that you clean all the fallen flowers and leaves and other items in your garden area to keep it nice and clean. You can also think about introducing a new collection of plants. Adding more plants promotes fresh air and good vibes.

Importance of Annual Home Maintenance

While annual home maintenance routines can be daunting, they are imperative to avoid costly repairs in the future. Also, no one can afford to let their lifetime investment go in vain. Here’s why home maintenance is important: 

  • It saves you money: Ignoring short-term expenses on items repair can seriously hurt your pocket in the long run. That is why it’s better to timely invest in necessary maintenance repairs. 
  • Boosts the value of your house: This is why most people stay updated with home maintenance routines. At the time of selling your house, you get a high price value only if your house is well maintained and has absolutely no flaws. Brokers often fail to offer their clients the best deal due to their negligent behaviour towards their house. 
  • Improves standard of living: Keeping a check on your house may seem like a normal task, but it actually improves your standard of living. Fixing up the necessary repairs and maintaining the yard of your house offer you safety and security. 

Pro-tips for House Owners

It might be possible that some homeowners are not familiar with the process of annual home maintenance. And that’s fine. Below, we have shared pro tips on how to keep up with your annual maintenance routine: 

  • Make a monthly or yearly maintenance schedule.
  • List weekly and monthly priorities 
  • Take professional services for tasks, such as gutter cleaning and pest control. 
  • Take it slow. Do not try to do it all at once. 
  • Try to complete heavy tasks first.
  • Do not take all the burden on yourself. Divide responsibilities to other members of the family. 

Wrapping up the entire discussion, it can be said that house maintenance is your responsibility, and make sure you do it right.