A Guide to the Different Types of Fries

Are you a fast-food junkie?

One of the biggest draws of fast food is their french fries. It’s delicious, mouthwatering, and perfect for satisfying a quick and convenient snack. French Fries have become a staple of American cuisine and the perfect accompaniment for any burger meal.

What’s best is that you can actually make it yourself. Better yet, you can experiment with various types of fries to spice up your meal. But what type should you order and make?

We’ll give you a quick rundown of the many types of fries so you can decide. Keep on reading!

Shoestring Fries

Shoestring fries are one type of fry that is a popular classic in the food world. They are narrow and slender and made from potatoes that are cut very thin. They are leeched of starch and then blanched to hold their shape and texture before they are fried with oil and seasoned. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them a user favourite.

Because they are so thin, they cook up quickly and are great when served as an appetizer with types of sauces. They are also great for a delicious meal when served alongside a juicy burger and cold beer.

Truffle Fries

These savoury delights are made from potato fries that are coated with a flavorful blend of white and black truffles. The truffle oil is then poured over the potatoes, infusing them with a unique, rich, and earthy flavour that is both mouthwatering and distinct. The flavour is usually enhanced with salt, herbs, and spices.

Truffle fries are a popular accompaniment to steak or burgers and can also be served as an appetizer or side dish. These are one of the most popular types of fries and are available in various styles, including crispy, baked, and fried. If you’re looking for a creative twist on the classic fries, check out these truffle fries found here.

Seasoned Fries

Seasoned fries are a popular type of fried potato dish. Most commonly, seasonings such as garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, parsley, black pepper, chilli powder, and others are used to enhance the natural flavour of the potatoes.

The potatoes can either be cut into wedges or strips, depending on the recipe being used. When it comes to cooking seasoned fries, it’s important to note that one should fry the potatoes in oil until they are golden brown before adding the seasonings.

Waffle Fries

Waffle fries, also known as crinkle-cut fries, are a popular, delicious, and convenient side dish served in many restaurants. This type of fry is characterized by its unique, wavy shape and crispy exterior – the result of slicing cut potatoes and pressing them together in a waffle mould.

Their ridged surface also provides ample surface area or seasoning, making them a great choice for those who want to enjoy the added flavour of their fries. Waffle fries cook up crispier than other types of fries, and their unique shape can make them an exciting alternative to traditional straight-cut potato fries.

Get Creative And Explore The Types Of Fries – Enjoy!

French fries are a classic side dish that has been enjoyed around the world for generations. With the variety of different types of fries, there is a type and cut that satisfies everyone’s taste. Try different types of fries and experiment with toppings and dips to discover your favourite type. Enjoy the deliciousness of this beloved side dish!

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