Are There Different Types of Wineries?

If you are a wine connoisseur or lover, you must have spent some time sampling several types of wines made by vintners. Therefore, you should be aware that each wine is distinct from the other. 

As you’d probably know, there are several types of wines. And beyond these, each wine has variations and is produced in different ways and locations.

Below are some available wineries types and what you should look out for when you visit a winery of your interest. If you don’t live in a wine country, this could be helpful. 

Let’s begin.

  • Vineyard wineries

Usually, when people think of wineries or best wineries, the vineyard type comes to mind. This is because they are usually medium or small in operation and grow their own grapes. 

The vineyard type grows grapes on a medium property and makes the wine on the site. Vineyard wineries sell wines by the case, glass, and bottle.

Some vineyard wineries also offer experiences such as wine-making tutorials or showing part of the process like pressing or harvesting to the public. 

  • Micro wineries

These types are quite similar to craft beer makers. As a new trend, they can be found in Portland, New York City, and other cities in the US. 

However, this micro type does not grow its own wine. Instead, they make theirs from fresh grapes through the services of a master vintner’s technique. 

Moreover, instead of making about 50,000 gallons, they can make about 3 gallons each time. In addition, these smaller wine lots are more personalized to fit their clientele’s tastes.

  • Destination wineries

Destination wineries offer wine and other attractions on their property. The additional attraction time could be a lookout point, a beautiful view, or a hiking or walking trail. 

Some of these types often operate bed and breakfasts on their property. They also allow you to enjoy the view and dine all weekend, while often improving tourism.

  • Urban wineries

Another type of winery is an urban winery. Just like the name, they are wineries located in an urban setting. However, the urban-type of winery doesn’t grow grapes to make their wine. 

Instead, they buy grapes from vineyards owned by other companies in different locations. Wine tasting experiences are brought to the city by an urban winery. 

These tasting rooms would include only their wine, entire meals, and maybe gourmet Hors d’oeuvre. Urban wines are available for sale by case, bottle and glass.

  • Farm wineries 

Farm wineries are usually owned by families and are pretty small since they produce their products. Such wineries usually feature several crop varieties and perhaps even animal wines as a farm. 

These types of wineries are often attached to restaurants specializing in using fresh ingredients from farms to serve farm-table dishes that would pair with their wines. Also, they can offer farm tours and experiences. 

Wrap Up 

Above are some of the several types of wineries. Most of them can fall under different categories, such as a winery that has a large venue space or vineyards. 


However, the above are the basic types of wineries you’d come across. So, if you or anyone else is ever wondering about the different types of wineries, simply refer to this post.