Does Consuming white elephant kratom Help To Improve Athletic Performance?

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, the kratom plant belongs to the coffee family. It has gained immense popularity among users due to its variety of effects. From pain relief to energy-boosting, kratom has a lot on the plate for the users. 

Kratom comes in a wide range of varieties and forms. Of them, the white elephant kratom has become popular among athletes. So, how does the white kratom help athletes? Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out. 

What is kratom, and why do people use it? 

In the chemical-dominated world, people are constantly on the lookout for natural alternatives. It is the reason for the increasing popularity of herbs like kratom devoid of harmful side effects. 

Kratom acts as a critical reservoir of several health benefits. Another reason for its increasing popularity is the different strains of kratom. 

Some health benefits of kratom include: 

–> Pain and inflammation relief 

–> Relief from anxiety and mental illnesses 

–> Boosts energy levels. 

–> Enhances focus 

The three vein varieties of kratom are red, green, and white vein kratom. While red is the most effective vein variety, each serves specific purposes. The effects of kratom depend on its quality and the user’s health condition. 

The white elephant kratom 

The fan-favorite strain gets its name from its place of origin, the elephant Islands. The high mitragynine content of the white elephant strain makes it stand out among others. 

The strain aids in enhancing focus and improving overall productivity. The potency of the white elephant kratom falls mid-way, making it suitable for beginners and regular users. 

Health benefits of the white elephant kratom include: 

  • Improves responsiveness and mental clarity 
  • Boosts energy levels 
  • Relieves mental and physical tension 
  • Improves sleep quality 

Unlike over-the-counter medicines, kratom does not have any harmful effects on the user. 

How can the white elephant kratom help athletes? 

If we poll athletes to find out how kratom helps them, we will probably get different answers. Steroids and other workout enhancers are illegal for usage in athletics. Other legal alternatives may cause side effects when used regularly. 

Kratom is an all-natural supplement and is fit for long-term usage. Its versatile effects can be helpful for people in the athletic realm. 

Let us look at why kratom is suitable for athletes. 

The white elephant kratom can be an ideal performance enhancer. 

Research proof supports kratom usage for athletes because of its effectiveness in enhancing performance. The need for natural alternatives is rising because of the harmful side effects of steroids and other over-the-counter medicines in athletics. 

Kratom, in general, has stimulant-like effects. It can enhance the user’s performance by sharpening focus. Reportedly, athletes can avoid distractions and concentrate better after consuming kratom. 

The white elephant kratom enhances cognitive functioning.

By instilling a sense of motivation, kratom improves the energy levels of the athlete. 

Is Kratom safe?

From the studies about using steroids as performance enhancers, it is clear that long-term usage of these can be dangerous to the athlete. 

Athletes find themselves hooked on painkillers after using them for a simple fracture. 

These steroids and drugs can cause side effects, including pain, dizziness, nausea, and exhaustion. 

Counting on such addictive drugs can make them physically weak with time. Health magazines and experts term kratom as the miracle drug for bodybuilders. 

Many famous athletes and wrestlers use kratom to relieve pain. Due to its effectiveness and mild or no side effects, kratom can be a natural alternative to steroids. 

When used in regulated amounts, kratom will have no impact on the user’s cognitive and motor abilities.

How does kratom work? 

Kratom contains two alkaloids- mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The two compounds interact with receptors in the brain and produce relaxing and euphoric effects. 

The compound mitragynine interacts with other receptors and produces stimulant-like effects. 

These combined effects of kratom make it perfect for usage by athletes. 

What do experts have to say? 

According to the World Anti-doping Agency, kratom’s status is volatile. Kratom was taken off the list of monitored drugs in 2018. While different organizations are still discussing kratom’s effects on athletes, it is legal for usage right now. 


Dr. Darshan Singh, a scientist at a Malaysian University, says that kratom can help weight lifters and athletes increase their stamina. When taken in larger doses, it can act as a sedative and help improve sleep quality. Kratom is more like caffeine, a little something to help people get started. 


Kratom dosage for athletes 

For athletes, it is essential to be mindful of the dosages. Overdosing on kratom can impair cognitive abilities. It can affect the performance of the athlete. 

It is better to start with small dosages and gradually increase them to understand how your body reacts. 

If one doesn’t get the desired results with the amount, they can increase it gradually.

The bottom line 

As much as it can help you, kratom can cause adverse side effects upon overdosing. Sometimes, it can even be fatal. 


Some adverse health effects of kratom include: 

  • Muscle pain 
  • Sleeplessness 
  • Irritability 
  • Emotional imbalance


The White elephant is the best white kratom strain. Recently, people have been using kratom to deal with withdrawal syndrome and addiction. We still do not have enough research proof to use kratom for medical purposes. 


Buying kratom needs care. The number of brands selling adulterated products is on the rise. There are a few things that you can do from your end to ensure a smooth experience with kratom. 


  • Buy from a reputable brand/ buyer. 
  • Consult a physician/ expert to know if you need kratom and understand your requirements. 
  • Start with small amounts and increase the dosage gradually. 


Though the herb can do good for athletes, it still is a cause of concern. It is essential to be careful while using kratom.