Five Ways To Style Y2K Low-Rise Jeans

The wisest fashion gurus always said, “Everything comes back into style,” as we see now with the re-emergence of early 2000s clothing styles. At the start of the new millennium, low-rise jeans were all the rage, with the most fashionable wearing these daring pants. With these styles coming back into fashion, many may struggle with how to style them in a new and trendy way. This article will detail 5 of the best ways to style the iconic Y2K low-rise jeans. 

Many clothing websites have brought this fun style back to their inventory if you are struggling to locate your pair of low-rise jeans. Clothing brands such as Re/Done and Grlfrnd offer multiple styles and denim washes of trendy low-rise women’s jeans. While fashion standards have changed and evolved since the early 2000s, there are still various ways to style this particular type of pant into an amazing outfit. 

Fitted Tank Top 

One of the easiest ways to style low-rise jeans effortlessly is to pair them with a fitted tank top. To look chic, it is best to pick a neutral-coloured tank top in white, grey, black, brown, or nude. These colours will allow the outfit to pair perfectly with various shoes and accessories. 

Oversized Athletic Jacket Or Puffy Coat 

If you are looking to style low-rise jeans in a colder climate and are worried about the tank top suggestion provided above, consider throwing on an oversized athletic jacket or playful puffer coat. These different jacket options add a pop of colour to your outfit. The style of each of these coats can help accentuate the jeans’ low waist in a perfect stylistic manner.

Chunky Belt

Consider adding a chunky belt to your low-rise jean outfit. This accessory can help to draw attention to the low-rise style of jeans. A belt can drastically change the tone of an outfit. Depending on your style, the low-rise jean outfit can switch from preppy to grunge.

Bustier Top 

With baggier low-rise jeans styles becoming more popular, it is important to balance the upper portion of the outfit accordingly. If the pants are loose, then it is best if the top is cropped or more fitted. A dazzling bustier or corset top can add a flare of femininity to your next low-rise jean outfit. 

Bralette Style Tops and Statement Earrings

Again, with extremely low-rise pants, a bralette style top can help emphasize the dramatic waistline in a fashion-forward way. With more skin exposed, adding some statement earrings or a playful handbag can help elevate the outfit in a fun and interesting way.