How Much Should a Bachelorette Party Cost on Average?

Most women end up being a bridesmaid about five times. That means paying for five bachelorette parties and other bridal party expenses. 

Although the idea of standing alongside a close friend and they embark on a journey with their spouse sounds lovely, it can be extremely costly. Before you accept an invitation to be a bridesmaid, you should familiarize yourself with the costs associated with being a part of the bridal party.

One of the most expensive elements of being a bridesmaid is attending the bachelorette party. Keep reading to learn how much should a bachelorette party cost and how to plan the best bachelorette party. 

How Much Should A Bachelorette Party Cost? 

There is no universal price tag on bachelorette parties, however, you can familiarize yourself with bachelorette party prices. When it comes to throwing any party, it depends on the party planner.

Destination Bachelorette Costs

Destination bachelorette parties can be extremely expensive. Bachelorette parties that are in New York, Las Vegas, and Miami are more costly than Nashville or Savannah getaways. For destination bachelorette parties, you should earmark approximately $1,000 to cover all expenses. 

Local Bachelorette Costs 

Wedding Wire reports that a local bachelorette only costs $150-$300 for a single-day event. Because you aren’t spending on travel or accommodation, you can splurge on dinner and drinks. 

Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

When it comes to planning the perfect bachelorette party, the party planner should first gauge everyone’s budget. Bachelorette party prices can be broken down into three categories: essentials, extras, and excursions. 


Bachelorette parties can be extremely costly, however, even with the most budget-friendly bachelorette, you need to pay for the essentials. Travel, housing, food, and drinks are essential.

These prices can greatly fluctuate based on if you are flying or driving to your destination and what kind of housing accommodations your party is wanting. 75% of bachelorette parties last two days or more, making housing accommodations a necessary expense. 

It is also customary for the bridal party to chip in for some of the bride’s expenses. This is standard practice, so you should allocate extra funds for this as well. 


The bridesmaids typically pool funds to buy decorations and swag for the bachelorette party as well. This could include little swag bags or matching themed t-shirts. These costs can quickly add up and make a bachelorette party extremely costly. 


Most bachelorette parties are centred around an excursion or group activity. This may be a pedal bike tour, concert, or bachelorette boat party. Each of these activities helps build fellowship and a bond among the bridal party and adds an element of fun to the trip. 

Build Out Your Bachelorette Party Budget  

Still wondering, “how much should a bachelorette party cost?” The choice is yours, you can plan a bachelorette on a budget or splurge on essentials, extras, and excursions. As a bridesmaid, be proactive in asking the rest of the bridal party about their budgetary limitations so you can plan accordingly. 

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