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How To Buy the Right AC Filters? Important Buying Tips


There are several AC filters available in the market. So, choosing the right one is tricky. Purchasing an AC filter for the first time can be very confusing regarding the size of the air filter, price, and quality. However, you can feel comfortable with the purchase by following some crucial tips and determining which AC filter your HVAC unit needs. 

How Do AC Filters work?

AC air filters are usually made of either spun fibreglass material or pleated paper/cloth. The material is made into different ac filter sizes to fit all the different HVAC systems. The filter traps and blocks different kinds of particles, dirt, bacteria, hair, wood particles, animal fur, dust, mould, and many other pollutants. 

The air contaminants can cause many health issues and affect your comfort level. The filter prevents these contaminants from circulating through the heating and cooling system. If the filter gets dirty, it restricts the airflow and contributes to the freezing of the coil. This is likely to cause damage to the HVAC system and calls for immediate repair. You can go here to learn more. Those particles can no longer recirculate and affect the air you breathe inside your house if you choose the right-sized AC filter and place it properly. 

Understand Your AC Filters First

Understanding the right AC filter for your home HVAC unit is a critical task. Do you know what things are needed to make an AC filter? The AC air filters are made of fibre and cardboard, which work to affect the unit’s performance as a whole. The AC filter is undoubtedly a critical component of your entire HVAC system. This essential component of your house works extensively in indoor comfort. The AC filters also have an impact on the HVAC equipment. As a house owner, you must get acquainted with the functions of an AC filter. You should know why this equipment is essential to maintain your house’s heating and cooling systems. 

Essential Tips to Consider before Buying the Right AC Filters

There are some essential factors which you can’t avoid. They are:

Size of the Filter

An AC filter can give you fresh and comfortable air, but you can’t enjoy the effectiveness if you don’t buy an accurate size AC filter. So, to get the best output from the AC filter of your house, look at the label of the existing filter and check out the measurements. Measures of length, depth, and width of the existing filter. This is how you can choose the standard size AC filter based on the standard width and height dimensions. 

MERV Rating & Material of the Filter 

Do you know why it is necessary to consider the MERV rating before buying an AC filter? The efficiency of the AC filters depends highly on the MERV ratings. The full form of MERV is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The efficiency is rated on a scale of 16, identifying how well the AC filter is designed to hold the pollutants. You must know the relationship between the MERV rating and the efficiency it offers to you. Read the filter manufacturers’ information and guidelines thoroughly when shopping for the right AC filter. 

Know the Problems of High MERV Ratings

The higher the MERV rating is, the more efficient the filter is. If the filter has a higher MERV rate, the filtration will be much better than the filters with lower MERV ratings. However, too high MERV ratings will bring some problems as well. It will cost you more to operate the AC system and restrict the airflow through the system. So, always get the right balance of the airflow and energy efficiency by not getting the higher MERV ratings.

Choose Experts for AC Filters of your HVAC System 

Before buying the right AC filter, its important to know the right size of the filter. We recommend using Custom Filters Direct to buy custom-size air filters for your home or commercial HVAC units.


It doesn’t matter what type of HVAC unit you have; you must always choose a quality AC filter that filters the contaminants correctly and keeps the entire system running effectively. Hopefully, the above-listed tips and tricks will help you select suitable AC filters for your equipment.