How to Get Relief From Heavy Breasts

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If you think it’s tough lugging your “two best friends” around all day, you’re not alone. The average American woman wears a 34DD bra size, according to a survey conducted in 2013.

And one of the most common complaints women have about their bodies is their breasts. That’s right–your chest gets everyone through a day at work, a shopping trip with friends, and a night out at the movies–but you have to live with these heavy burdens.

We hear you. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get relief from heavy breasts.

Wearing the Correct Bra Size

Wearing a bra that fits well can make all the difference in the level of comfort experienced throughout the day. Women should know their exact measurements to ensure the right-sized bra is being chosen.

It is also important to try on multiple styles like supportive bras, and various shapes and materials work differently depending on individual body types. A correctly fitting bra should never be too tight or too loose.

The cups should hug the breasts firmly yet be comfortable at the same time. Wearing the correct sized bra can help reduce back and neck pain, as well as stretch marks that come from unsupported breasts.

Regular Excercise

This can be done through chest exercises as well as strength training for our back muscles. Strength training in the chest area can help to tighten up the muscles and reduce the tension that can lead to sagging. Core exercises can also be beneficial in providing support and lifting the breasts.

Regular aerobic exercise can also reduce strain in the chest area. Stretch exercises can also help to reduce tightness, improve posture, and prevent sagging.

Have a Healthy Weight

When we carry extra pounds, it adds stress to our neck and shoulders, which can lead to back pain from breasts. Carrying extra weight can also cause our breasts to be heavier, as they are made up of fatty tissue.

The heavier our breasts, the more strain they put on our back and chest muscles. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is essential for reducing the strain on our back and chest muscles, as well as preventing pain and discomfort caused by heavy breasts.

Get a Great Back Doctor

To combat these issues, an excellent idea would be to reach out to a great back doctor for a consult. A specialist in the spine can accurately diagnose any issues you may have due to additional weight in your breasts. You may need tests, physical therapy, and other interventions to help relieve the pain associated with your breasts.

The back doctor can guide you through the process by providing advice and access to treatment options that will reduce the burden on your neck, shoulders, and back. Make sure to communicate any symptoms you’re experiencing; this will help your doctor determine the best path forward based on your individual case.

Also, another alternative solution is breast plastic surgery; you can inquire about the top plastic surgeon, so you’ll know what the right surgery for you is.

Ways to Relief Heavy Breasts

Breast reduction surgery should always be a last resort when it comes to relieving the discomfort of large, heavy breasts. There are many ways to ease the pain and get relief from heavy breasts through lifestyle changes, bra selection, and exercises. Why not start implementing some of these changes today to begin securely opting your way to lighter breasts?

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