How To Preserve Breast Beauty Over The Years

Young and perky breasts are a dream for women. But things change over the years as your body bears the brunt of childbearing, breastfeeding, aging, and menopause. The loss of skin elasticity and density of breast tissue can cause appearance changes once you step on the other side of forty. Weight changes are another reason for sagging and soft breasts. While there are several reasons to worry about these changes, you can do your bit to slow them down and preserve breast beauty over the years. Here are some expert-backed tips you can rely on. 

Avoid sudden weight transitions

Although you may always want to look like a celebrity, sudden weight transitions are not great for your body. Extreme and abrupt weight gains and losses affect skin elasticity, leaving it less firm over every cycle of weight transition. Your face suffers, and your breasts also bear the brunt. Experts recommend finding your optimal weight and maintaining it. Even if you need to lose big after a pregnancy, avoid crash diets and go slow. 

Eat the right foods

Besides managing weight, women must eat the right foods to address the challenges of aging. Know the ones that work for skin health and stick with them. Fresh, whole, nutrient-rich foods address the needs of aging skin, while high-protein foods are great at replenishing collagen and elastin levels. Also, avoid sugar and processed foods, and double up on hydration to retain elasticity and perkiness. 

Consider surgical intervention

You can consider surgical intervention if you want to go the extra mile to preserve your appearance and confidence. A Breast Augmentation with Dr. Harper can match your expectations, from increasing size to altering the shape and enhancing the firmness of the area. Specialists suggest that the forties are an ideal time for the procedure because most women are past the pregnancy and childbearing stages at this age. Moreover, you have fewer responsibilities, and you can focus more on healing and self-care.

Ditch smoking

Smoking does more than harm your lungs and respiratory well-being as it can affect your skin by reducing the flow of blood and oxygen. Long-term smoking also damages collagen and elastin which keep the skin tight. It can cause premature wrinkling and sagging of your skin, including your breasts. So you have one more valid reason to ditch smoking and stay away from smokers. 

Keep active and strong

Women who stay active and strong tend to have a firmer bust over the years. Think beyond running and cycling, and add weight training exercises to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, arms, shoulders, and back. Stronger muscles keep your breasts from sagging by providing adequate support to the skin in the area. The activity contributes to overall health and helps with healthy aging. Remember to support your breasts with the right clothing, as an ill-fitted bra can do more harm than good with exercise. 

Beautiful breasts enhance your appearance, confidence, and self-esteem, and you deserve them even as you age. Follow these simple tips to keep them looking good over the years.