How to Style Jewellery With Any Outfit

You may love your jewellery collection, but what can you do if it always seems to get in the way of your outfits? If you want to learn how to style jewellery, you’re at the right place.

There are plenty of ways to add pizzazz to your outfits without looking like a human chandelier. With proper styling methods, you can showcase your favourite accessories in elegant and stylish ways.

Keep reading to learn about several style tips for how to style jewellery.

Wear Statement Jewelry for Business Casualwear

Adding statement jewellery to basic business casual wear can bring your look from drab to fab! In fact, wearing traditional Irish jewelry can enhance the complete look. Begin with large or small hoop earrings, depending on your taste. For a more business look, choose something with a slightly formal touch, and buy jewellery such as silver or gold hoops.

A statement necklace can also elevate any look. Choose something long with a little sparkle that catches the eye and could make you stand out at a meeting or in the office. Adding a few layered necklaces can also create a casual yet stylish look.

Try wearing a few delicate necklaces of different lengths and with varied metals or materials to create an interesting and unique collage. A bracelet can be a great way to tie your look together. Stick to something that can accommodate almost any outfit, such as a bangle or a basic metal cuff.

Try wearing gold adjustable rings with eye-catching stones or an intricately designed finish to finish the look. With the right pieces, you can have a business casual outfit yet fashionable.

Layer Your Jewelry for Everyday Looks

Layer your jewellery for an everyday look that is sure to turn heads. Start with a pair of earrings and work your way up. Try statement earrings, such as geometric or decorative designs, to draw attention to your face.

Add a necklace, either chunky and bold or delicate and sparkly, to create the centrepiece of your look. Then, complement your necklace with a bracelet, cuff, or delicate charms. To complete the look, choose a few rings to match the metal and design of your other jewels.

When layering jewellery, choosing a metal colour and type is best to keep your jewellery looking cohesive and polished. Modern twists on classics, like mismatched earrings or a pop of colour, can add style and personality.

Colour and Contrast for Major Impact

Start by assessing the outfit’s colour palette and determine the primary and secondary colours. From there, pick out the best jewellery piece that will help to accentuate these colours, either with a complimentary or tertiary color. For example, consider wearing a red dress with a bright turquoise earring or necklace with a gold chain to draw attention to the main colour.

If your outfit is more neutral, use this as an advantage to opt for bold and striking pieces in complementary colours or unexpected metallics for contrast. Ultimately, the key is to create a balance between the tones of your clothing and jewellery to pull the look together.

Know How to Style Jewelry Today

Using the tips in this article, you can add the perfect touches to style jewellery with any outfit. From statement pieces to classic silver jewellery, use these simple tips to be bold and beautiful in any outfit.

Spice up your wardrobe today and add some sparkle!

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