Keep Your Form In Check – 4 Tips For The Sportswoman Of 2022

This is highly relevant for women who have recently developed a liking for weight lifting or rigorous workout sessions. If you have become a fitness freak, nothing could be better than that. It is going to help you stay fit and young for a long time. But in all that excitement, you could be compromising on your form and movement. This could put you at a higher risk of injury. You don’t want that. Let’s have a look at a few ways to keep your form intact while you work out:

  • The Horizontal Squat

This is not a new workout. This is where you should stop when you are squatting. If you are trying to lift heavy or doing squats for the first time, it is advised to keep your lower back straight and your knees and glutes horizontal to each other. Anything higher than that is not going to have a good impact on your gluteus maximus. Anything lower than that might make it difficult for you to lift the weight and come back up in the resting position.

  • Keep Taking A Break

If you want to maintain your form and movement, you must keep on taking breaks in between your sets. If you are lifting heavy, your break should be at least 60 seconds. If you intend to do lightweight and more repetitions, the brake can be around 30 and 40 seconds. An adequate amount of break between the sets lets your muscles relax and recover from the movement. The result is that when you get back into the position to lift the weight again, you are able to perform better on your next set.

  • Invest In The Right Apparel

You thought that wearing loose-fitting clothes was the best way to prevent excess sweating and allow free movement of your limbs. It is quite a common misconception and this is why women tend to make a lot of mistakes when working out. You should look up Women’s best workout pants and similar well-fitting tank tops online to prevent your form from getting distorted. These garments are designed to give you enough support when you are working out. Whether it is a bench press or a squat rack, you will need well-fitting and comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely without any excess sweating.

  • Doing The Bench Right

A proper bench press gives your back, chest, shoulders, and arms the most amazing results. But this is only when you keep your elbows horizontal to the bench. Remember the same rule that applied to the squad. Anything lower than that level will make it difficult for you to push the weight back up and might also impact your rear deltoids negatively. Anything higher than the horizontal level is not going to impact the entire muscle group adequately.


You can also ask your friend to spot you if you are trying to lift heavy for the first time. You can be as big of a fitness freak as you want to be with these tips.