Skin Care 101: How to Clean a Derma Roller Properly

Therapist applying jade roller on female face.

Derma rollers are ideal for increasing collagen and circulation in your skin. You’ll see a reduction in wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. The final result is bright skin with an even skin tone. 

Using a derma roller is beneficial, but you only get the best results when you know how to clean a derma roller. Keeping your derma roller clean is vital to preventing infections. 

In the guide below, you’ll find several helpful tips on how to properly clean your derma roller. With optimal cleaning on a regular basis, your derma roller will be sanitised and ready for use whenever you’re ready to start derma rolling!

Rinse With Warm Water

You know how to use a derma roller, but do you know how often to clean it?

It’s important to clean your derma roller 5mm before and after each session. This prevents outbreaks and bad reactions. 

Before each use, you want to rinse the derma roller in warm water for about 30 seconds. Then, use 70% or greater rubbing alcohol to disinfect. Once done, rinse with water again and lightly shake off any excess water. 

Soak the Roller Heads

A good thorough clean is needed after each use. To do this, take the plastic cap that comes with the derma roller head, stand the cap upright and place the derma roller head in it. 

Then, fill the cap with rubbing alcohol. All needles should be covered with alcohol. For this step, it’s ideal to use 90% rubbing alcohol or greater.

You can also consider using hydrogen peroxide. Let the derma roller head sit for about 10 minutes in the alcohol. 

Rinse and allow to Air Dry

After the 10 minutes is done, remove the derma roller head from the alcohol and rinse with warm water. Set the roller head out to air dry. During this step, it’s crucial the needles don’t touch the surface of the counter as this could contaminate it again. 

Layout a clean towel under the roller head if needed when air drying. You can also allow the roller heads to air dry inside their own cases. You should also keep the roller heads in the cases when not using them to protect them from damages and germs/bacteria. 

Avoid Damaging Products

There are some cleaning products you want to avoid when cleaning your derma roller. For example, don’t use a sterilizing machine to clean them. You also want to avoid using denture tablets, Dettol, chloroxylenol, and bleach.

All of these cleaning products can damage your roller head by causing the glue that holds the needles in place to warp or dissolve. Lastly, avoid placing the derma roller heads in boiling water as this can have the same effect on the glue. 

Do You Know How to Clean a Derma Roller?

Using a derma roller has many benefits. It’s a great way to make your skin glow again. The first step is knowing how to clean it the proper way. 

If you didn’t know how to clean a derma roller before, then we hope you now know how to do so with confidence! Take your time reading through each of the steps listed in the guide above to ensure you clean your derma roller properly and safely. 

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