Smart Renovations: How to Increase Your Home’s Value

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What do you think rising interest rates will do to home prices in 2022? 

If you want to make some changes to your home, it’s a good idea to research home renovations that add value because prices are going to steady. 

Should you have to put your home up for sale, you’ll get a better return on your investment with smart renovations. 

With the pandemic lockdowns, people started taking inventory of their homes. Homes need to have a workspace, a place to relax, and the feel of a vacation with your outdoor space. 

Are you thinking about doing some home remodeling? Take a pause to think about resale value before you make plans. Keep reading to learn how to increase home value with strategic renovations.

Home Office 

Even before the pandemic, the number of people working from home has steadily increased. A home office has become a must-have for home buyers. 

Creating a space for a home office or converting an existing space into one is a good investment if you live in an area with a lot of telecommuters. 

Energy Efficient Appliance and Windows

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Look for the federal certification, the Energy Star symbol. These appliances promise to reduce energy use without sacrificing performance. 

Depending on where you live, there are different standards for energy-efficient windows in regard to your climate zone. One thing is clear, energy-efficient windows are designed to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. 

Thinking about taking it a step further? Learn more about the value of solar when it comes to making your home more energy-efficient. 

Open Floor Plan 

Open floor plans are still the desired design for homebuyers. Do you have a wall that you can take out to create a more spacious layout? Kitchens that open to family rooms and dining rooms are very attractive to families and people who like to entertain. 

Outdoor Entertainment Area 

If you don’t have one, add a deck or patio. It will give you so much pleasure to have an outdoor space in which to relax or enjoy family time as well as add value to the home. 

Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, pools, and hot tubs are also very popular with home buyers. Before you install a hot tub outdoors, make sure to check for hot tub prices at different stores so that you get a good deal without hurting your pocket. 

How To Increase Home Value With The Best Home Renovations

Now that you know how to increase your home value with smart home renovations, are you ready to get started? Even if you have no short-term plans to sell, you should always keep that in the back of your head in case you have to sooner than later. You might want to consult a local realtor with your plans. They can give you an idea of what’s popular in your area. 

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