Sophisticated and Durable: The Evolution of Metal Roofing

Generations of property owners have known metal roofing as durable, but being sophisticated is a recent innovation. While metal roofs were formerly seen primarily on sheds and farm outbuildings, beautiful commercial and residential structures now feature dramatic metal roofs. Metal roofing is timeless, and attractive, and adds a touch of class to any house or building. Learn about the evolution of metal roofing and discover why more property owners are choosing this enduring option.

More Than Meets the Eye

In the past, metal roofs were utilitarian on tool sheds and rustic barns. The term metal roof brought to mind images of tin roofs, huts with metal shells, and industrial places capped off in heavy-duty steel. Now there is more than meets the eye with beautiful metal roofing that also stands the test of time. Industry experts such as those at Metal Roofing Innovations offer various options to transform any commercial, industrial, or residential structure.

Metal Roofing is Innovative

Metal roof innovation dates back to the colonial area, with accelerated progress in the industry over the past century. For a few generations, the popularity of low-cost materials such as asphalt shingles made metal roofing rather rare. Then metal roofing started to increase in popularity in the 1800s, with structures dating back to Thomas Jefferson’s tin-plate roofing used in Monticello. Robert Morris, a Revolutionary financier, used sheet iron made at his New Jersey rolling mill to create the roof for his Philadelphia mansion in the late 1700s.

Early Evolution of Metal Roofing

In 1829, corrugated iron sheets were patented in England and became a basis for metal roofing. During the 1800s, zinc and galvanizing with base metals helped prevent corrosion in metal roofs, often used for post offices and train sheds. Roofing materials in the 1800s and early 1900s were typically less resilient than metal, such as wood, clay, slate, and tile. However, metal was costly and only used on the most stately mansions until the architectural renaissance of the 21st century.

Modern Metal Roofing

Large-panel metal roofs were improved with modern innovations, using various coating techniques with the properties of shingles and the durability of metal. As a result, metal roofs became accessible to more property owners and looked more appealing. Plus, many people discovered the advantage of metal roofing, making it the best choice.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is lightweight and lasts for years, helping property owners maximize this investment for decades.Plus, roofing contractor Weston FL suggests that metal roofs can endure impact and wind to stand up to all types of weather conditions.The latest metal roofing comes in various styles to match any building or home. Also, metal roofing is energy-efficient to help property owners reduce utility use and save money.

Work with a Metal Roofing Professional

Roofing installation is a serious business that should be handled by a licensed and insured professional. Contact a reputable roofer to learn more about the advantages of metal roofing and how it helps improve the value of your property. 

For years, metal roofing has been a standard for all types of buildings, from commercial and industrial to residential and elegant. Sophisticated metal roofing adds a touch of style to any structure while providing decades of service. Talk to a local roofing professional today to discover how many metal roofing options exist to help property owners maximize their investment.