Styling Unusual Windows

Windows are the eyes of the home so it’s no wonder that our window dressings are such an important factor when decorating indoors. Stuart Clark, home expert at Victory Blinds, shares his top tips for styling unique shaped windows.


Round windows are totally unique, often put in rooms to make a quirky statement. Shutters are the perfect solution for round windows because you can fully retain the circular shape of the frame and they can be used to adjust light and privacy. Another thing to consider is whether your round windows even need a dressing. If the window is not overlooked, such a quirky design feature could be left and transformed into the focal point of a room.


Arched windows are distinct and their eye-catching curved top evokes a special charm. Using curtains to dress these windows adds grandeur to your room and will compliment neutrals and a contemporary interior. 


Some smaller properties only have tiny windows and so maximising the amount of natural light that comes into your room is imperative. One way to do this is to avoid using dark-coloured window dressings like browns and blacks, which can absorb light rather than reflect it. It’s also wise to choose thinner soft dressings like sheer curtains which can create a delicate ambience whilst allowing plenty of natural light into your home. 


French doors add a sense of style to any space and can seamlessly create cohesion between your indoor and outdoor living space. The key to dressing your french doors is to frame them so try layering soft roman blinds for a stylish finish that gently diffuses light and provides valuable daytime privacy.