Summer Jewellery Trends Straight From Our Favourite Celebs

Portrait of a beautiful woman with crystals in hand. Model of make-up and manicure

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe is sometimes given credit for the surge in diamond popularity through the song ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ in the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’? This is just one example of how a celebrity was able to influence fashion trends for a long time to come.

In 2022, many celebrities are using their clout to create jewellery trends that you will want to know about. Keep reading to find out about some of these trending jewellery pieces. 

Vintage 90s Bubble Rings

Do you remember when celebrities got obsessed with bubble plastic jewellery in the 90s? You thought that trend would never come back, didn’t you? Well, you were wrong.

Nowadays, celebrities are buying up vintage 90s bubble rings and other jewellery pieces to add to their outfit and make a statement. You can do the same.

Just make sure it isn’t just new plastic jewellery so you can reduce your impact on the environment. Find vintage pieces on eBay.

Layered Ethical Jewelry

Not only do celebrities care about layering several beautiful pieces of gold jewellery with each other, but they are also getting gung-ho about buying only ethical pieces. This is a great trend to follow because it’s fun, it’s good for the environment, and it’s beautifully feminine.

Classic Pearl Gold Jewelry

Pearl jewellery will never really go out of style, no matter what the century. That’s why buying a mother of pearl ring or some other beautiful statement piece made of pearl is such a great idea. You will see that many celebrities agree with this jewellery trend if you follow their Instagrams.

Hoop Earrings

JLo made this trend popular a while back and it’s stuck around. If you don’t have any statement-making hoop earrings (the bigger the better), you are missing out. Hoop earrings go along with all those maxi dresses sitting in your closet, so why not buy a pair and make a night of it.

Fake Bling

You don’t necessarily have to go for only gold jewellery pieces. There are many different ways to style jewellery and one trend is to mix and match fake bling with real gold pieces. No one will know the difference in any case, and it will help you layer up in a way that shows off your unique style better.

Jewellery Trends 2022 – Pick up Some of These Pieces Soon

You don’t want to miss out on the jewellery trends of 2022 as mentioned above. Get to your favourite jewellery stores asap and start buying up some pieces that appeal to your senses and your budget. 

As you get more comfortable wearing different trendy jewellery, you might be able to come up with your own unique trends. Maybe a celebrity might even copy that trend from you.

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