T2’s New Range of Wellness Teas

If there is one thing leading tea retail T2 Tea knows, it is that there isn’t much a cuppa can’t fix. I’ve been a regular T2 tea drinker for many years (I’m quite partial to the Melbourne Breakfast tea for a warm brew in winter and Pumping Pomegranate or Turkish Apple for a refreshing ice tea in the warmer months).  Over the last few years, a lot of us have looked to change our lifestyles and find a healthier way of life and inner wellness. Gone are the days when we put our wellbeing last, it is all about looking after ourselves better.  With this in mind, T2 have released four tasty plant-powered wellness brews that keep countless tea lovers on top of their game. Here to support your mind and body, the growing wellness collection is designed for the next generation of health enthusiasts. Preparing you to take on today and tomorrow, the wellness sips have been formulated with ingredients known to help quiet noisy minds, settle tired eyes into sleep, soothe sore tummies and make your skin glow. The range consists of: The Quiet Mind, The Dreamer, The Belly Blend and The Glowgetter,  

“At T2 our focus is always on the flavour. We work with the assumption that if it tastes nice, people will be happy to incorporate it into their everyday ritual, and then feel the benefits. With the herbal wellness teas (The Dreamer, The Glowgetter, and The Quiet Mind) we wanted flavours that are soft and comforting. For The Belly Blend, we wanted to create a more decadent, indulgent profile that would make our tea sippers feel like they’re enjoying a naughty dessert,” says Michelle McGoff, T2’s Tea Sommelier & Developer.

A bit about the new range:

Now more than ever it is important to manage stress levels and swap chaos for calm. The Quiet Mind has been developed to help you wind down after a long day and press pause on the world. Breathe in soothing peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus while adaptogenic herbs ashwagandha and schisandra deflect stressors of all kinds. With a refreshingly citrusy flavour – if cool, calm and collected had a taste, this would be it.  Say hello to serenity, The Dreamer is the next sleepy sister in this essential lineup, transporting you to the land of Nod as you drift off to sleep. This relaxing tea is an unmissable step in your bedtime ritual, evoking the comforts of crisp white sheets and the plushest of pillows. Trusted for centuries by herbalists and naturopaths, this tasty blend is sprinkled with a little valerian, that goes a long way to send you off to sweet dreams. Following in its footsteps is a calming mix of ingredients including lemon verbena, rose and hops to help you rest easy.  Solving your stomach woes, The Belly Blend has been developed to soothe a bloating tummy. This luscious whole-leaf sip is blended with fermented pu erh black tea, cacao, marshmallow root and tastes delightfully decadent and oh so chocolatey. Not to be forgotten is the powerful prebiotic ingredient, chicory root, packed full of beneficial bacteria and helps keep things in your system moving – better out than in we always say.  Last but definitely not least, The Glowgetter, is designed to let your skin shine bright. Featuring ingredients such as earthy nettle, known for its natural ability to calm and soothe inflammation, caramelly vanilla and a blend of nettle, rose and linden, your radiance levels will replenish one sip at a time. Tasting like a floral bouquet this skin-supporting brew will leave beauty-lovers feeling fresh as a daisy.

What we thought:

I’ve enjoyed all of the teas but The Dreamer has been my favourite by far, not just in taste, but with helping to falling asleep. I’m not sure whether it’s a perimenopause thing, stress, or whatever but I find it very difficult to fall asleep most nights. A cup of The Dreamer after dinner has helped with the natural process of feeling tired and going to sleep when my head hits the pillow. 

T2 Tea Wellness Teas; The Quiet Mind, The Dreamer, The Belly Blend and The Glowgetter, come packaged in pastel gift cubes containing 50g of loose leaf tea. Available to purchase now for RRP $22.00 AUD at T2 Tea stores globally and online at www.t2tea.com/en/au/.