Tattoo Artists: How To Find the Right One for You

Close up of professional tattooer artist doing picture on hand of man by machine black ink from a jar. Tattoo art on body. Equipment for making tattoo art. Master makes tattooed in light studio

Choosing a tattoo artist is like choosing a tailor for a bespoke suit. The most reputable and recommended ones tend to have their unique flair which you might lean towards or not.

Tattoo artists that are worth their salt will be very clear about what you can expect from them. They’ll proudly show you their work and let you know as best they can what they can and cannot do. 

In this short guide, we’ll allude to some tips on how to find the right tattooist for you. So let’s get into this!

Recommendations Are King

If you have friends, family, neighbours, or anyone else that have had some work done, talk to them about it. Ask to take a proper look at their tattoos if they are willing and see if you like what they have.

You might have a particular type of artwork in your mind. But when you see other people’s tattoos, it might be that they blow you out of the water with how amazing they look! 

Furthermore, if you like a friend’s tattoos, you can ask them all sorts of questions. For instance, you can inquire what their experience was like with a particular tattoo artist. You can also learn more about how to go through the process.

Check Out Reviews

Nowadays, all the best tattoo artists have a strong online presence. They’ll also have excellent independent reviews to check out online. 

For instance, you could search the tattoo studio’s name and add in “reviews” on Google and see what comes up. If the place is doing a good job, they’ll certainly be people raving about the tattooist’s excellent work and how pleased they were with the job they did. After all, anyone pleased with a tattoo will want to show it off!

Take Your Time

Instead of getting hammered and waking up the next morning with something resembling what you wanted, take your time. Make getting a tattoo a sober experience, like you would have a consultation with any other professional.

Book your appointment, run through your ideas with the tattooist, and see what happens. And bear in mind, famous tattoo artists will have a waiting list, so you might well have to wait some time for just an appointment. Check out Don Ed Hardy, if you want to see a famous master tattoo artist’s amazing artwork!

Why Not Become a Tattoo Artist?

You may be a very talented artist yourself. Why not consider becoming a tattoo artist yourself? 

You’ll be able to make the visions and style of the tattoos in your head become a reality! If you’re curious about the profession, check out these opportunities.

Tattoo Artists Are All Unique in Their Way

You’ll find that tattoo artists differ wherever you go in subtle ways. Yes, many may use similar techniques, but they all have their signatures styles that they are proud of.

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