The Best Jewellery Options to Accessorise Any Look

Spring 2022 is all about curated, bold looks that promote elegance, versatility, and enduring style. Your accessories exist to elevate your outfit while being a way to express your personality. So if you’re looking to overhaul your jewellery box, it is important to not just focus on current trendy pieces but pieces that can be incorporated into your daily routine for years to come (while still staying trendy!).

So, keep reading to find out more about the best spring jewellery to help elevate your outfit.

Chunky Chains

Large and chunky link chains were seen at the Valentino and Hermès runways and are gearing up to be one of the top trends of 2022. Oversized gold chains, layered over each other to create a multidimensional look, should be in every fashion lover’s jewellery collection.

Varying lengths of chain can create the illusion of a longer neck and works great with plunging necklines. The general rule for this trend is the bigger the chain, the better.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are one of the most elegant spring jewellery trends. These pearls are great for a day and night look and make every outfit flawlessly elegant.

Freshwater pearls have a thick nacre layer, which gives them their lustre and shine. These pearls come in a variety of colours, so you can easily find the perfect tone to match your style. The interesting shape of these pearls adds to their appeal as each pearl is truly unique.

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Ear Stacks

Curated ear stacks are one of the emerging spring jewellery trends. A curated ear is created by having multiple piercings in different locations on one or both ears., and usually, the piercings on your ears don’t match.

A curated ear stack doesn’t just look at the placement of the jewellery pieces but also how the jewellery can showcase your unique style and personality. 

Stacked Timepiece

Stacked jewellery is one of the best spring jewellery trends, and it doesn’t stop at earrings. A high-end timepiece will always be fashionable, and by choosing a two-tone option, you’ll easily be able to layer jewellery with your timepiece.

The jewellery you add, like a fancy tennis bracelet or leather cuffs, can change the style of your timepiece. So by, choosing a timepiece that can be mixed with any type of material will expand your options.

Jewellery Made Easy

Your jewellery can elevate your outfit and create an elegant feel, but it can also change an outfit from plain to edgy. Jewellery pieces focus on a mix of timeless pieces that match your style and personality and bold jewellery that makes a statement. These trends can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe to keep you trendy while still staying true to your style.

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