The Key To Improving Your Kerb Appeal

The kerb appeal of your home may not be something you consider until you come to sell the property and then you’ll hear it from every estate agent. It refers to the attractiveness of your home from a street view. 

So what is the key to improving your kerb appeal? Let’s take a look and find out. 

Refresh External Walls

The largest part of your home visible from the street is your external walls. Therefore it makes sense to ensure that they are in good condition and well-maintained. 

If the walls are painted make sure to refresh this regularly. Any cladding should be inspected for signs of wear or need for repair while being kept clean by occasional jet washing if appropriate. 

Front Door

A focal point for visitors to your home, your front door can say a lot about the rest of your property. A fresh coat of paint on a wooden door will give a good impression while a clean, bright uPVC door is equally welcoming. 

If your front door has seen better days consider replacing it especially if you are putting your property up for sale. 

Garage Door Replacement

For homes with garages, the condition of the garage door can affect your kerb appeal. A dented, rusty or peeling door will not give a good impression. It may make potential buyers wonder about the condition of the rest of the property, particularly the bits they cannot see. 

Give yourself the best chance of selling your home or just spruce up your exterior with a garage door replacement

Tidy Garden

A neat and tidy garden adds tremendously to a property’s kerb appeal. Something as simple as keeping the grass cut, hedges trimmed and borders weed free can make all the difference. 

Make sure you keep the bins out of view either at the rear of the house or in specially constructed storage. If you have kids, encourage them not to leave bikes, skateboards or balls in the front garden or on the drive. 


A clear pathway to your front door is more welcoming to visitors and it’s also good for you when unloading your car. Make sure there are no trip hazards such as broken paving slabs, and that the path is clean and not overgrown. 

An afternoon of weeding and a quick blast with a pressure washer can transform your pathway and create instant kerb appeal. 

Exterior Lighting

Make your home as appealing at night as it is during the day with some practical but stylish exterior lighting. A porch light is welcoming and solar-powered lights along your pathway or drive can help visitors negotiate safely in the dark. 

Motion sensors that switch on lights as people approach the house will add to the welcoming feel of your home. 


Well-maintained external walls, attractive front and garage doors as well as a tidy garden, clear path and some good exterior lighting all help towards improving your kerb appeal.