The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Did you know that more than 55% of people in Australia say that their clothing is an important representation of who they are? 

Not only is clothing one of the first things people notice about us, but it also shows your personality and style.

If you want to make a statement this year and wear trendy clothing, there are a couple of styles to know about. 

Continue reading to learn about the latest men’s fashion trends so that you can look the best and impress!

Printed Tees

One of the best men’s fashion trends of the year is printed tees.

Printed tees are timeless because you can find unique designs for brands, shows, and movies. These are a fun way to show people your interests and can be a great topic of conversation. The main reason these tees are trending in the fashion industry is that they are comfortable and make a statement. 

Pair your printed tees with flared pants, especially if they include bright colors. 

Flared Pants

Flared pants, also known as bell-bottoms have made a comeback in 2022 and they are making a great statement.

These pants are trending because of the comfort, appearance, and lifestyle that they represent. Flared pants are perfect for casual outfits and just hanging out. You can easily move around in these pants, just be careful if it’s raining outside. 

Gen Z and millennials wear these jeans the most since they represent the peaceful lifestyle that they are searching for. 


Another trend in the apparel industry this year is blazers.

Blazers are a great piece of clothing because they can be worn with casual outfits and formal ones. These jackets look professional and stylish, especially if you get one in a unique color or design. A blazer is a practical fashion piece to add to your wardrobe because you can use it for work, weddings, and going out. 

If you are looking for a quality blazer, has excellent choices to select from! Navy blue, black, and cream are some of the most common colors that you can buy a blazer in. 

Bright Colors

With the pandemic still going on, and winter coming to an end, a pop of color can help your wardrobe. 

The fashion industry is putting bright colors at the top of their list because they can make a statement and capture people’s attention. So many people wear black and gray that life can look dull. If you want to brighten up everyone’s day, you can do it will your personality and a couple of colored staple pieces! 

Look for brightly colored shirts and pants that you can pair with neutral items. Although the clashing colors are trending, this can become too distracting if you aren’t on a runway.

Try These Men’s Fashion Trends

Men’s fashion trends are often overlooked because they can be impractical and eye-catching.

If you want to look and feel good about what you are wearing, you can increase your confidence and attract positive attention. These trends are some of the best because they can make a statement but they are also practical and comfortable. 

Don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and into something new. 

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