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The Latest Trend in Bathroom Designs

Homeowners are upgrading their light fixtures for a brighter bathroom. While gold and black finishes remain popular accents, white glass is growing in popularity as a replacement for Edison filament bulbs. Self-lit vanity mirrors are also expected to remain popular as a way to brighten up baths. 

Neutral And Pale Colour Palettes Create A Soothing Space.

For those looking for a relaxing bathroom, experts in kitchen remodels Denver recommends neutral and pale colour palettes are the way to go. This type of colour scheme can also be combined with earthy tones. Light green is particularly soothing, as it adds an excellent effect to a room.

Outsized Lighting

Bathroom designers are incorporating oversized lighting to evoke a spa-like atmosphere. These fixtures can be either in the form of a chandelier or a recessed lighting fixture. Choosing the right fixtures can greatly impact a bathroom’s overall design and feel. 

Floating Vanities

The latest trend in bathroom designs is floating vanities instead of traditional standing pieces. These vanities create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom and work well with modern, minimalist design themes. 


Marble is a beautiful material found in many hues and patterns. It has many benefits and can be used in various ways to make a bathroom look more luxurious and appealing. For example, marble can be used to build vanity tops and countertops. It is also an excellent choice for bathroom floors. Large-format tiles with fewer grout lines are also becoming popular in bathroom designs. Using marble for tiling can make your bathroom look larger and more luxurious.

Floating Sinks

Try incorporating wooden items to add more natural materials to your bathroom. These can make the room feel more natural and spacious. Also, you can incorporate tile with a wooden look. The tile is easy to maintain and can handle moisture. Wooden items will add functionality to your bathroom while still adding beauty.

Large Mirrors

A large mirror in your bathroom can tie the room together and add a unique touch. Many styles are now available that blend well with contemporary and classic tastes. While the circular type is still a mainstay, curved styles are also becoming popular, softening an otherwise angular space.

Floating Cabinets

Bathroom cabinetry is getting more colourful than ever. Colourful cabinets fit perfectly with beachy, Moroccan, and bohemian styles. These trends also feature dark colours such as copper and gold, which are popular in kitchens. They also have unexpected parallels to bathroom design.

Modern Accents

The latest trend in bathroom designs is using accents to bring more colour into a space. While bathrooms are usually neutral, accent colours can make a dramatic impact. To make a statement:

  1. Consider using towels in vibrant hues or a unique bathroom fixture.
  2. For an even more bold effect, consider a bold-coloured bathtub.
  3. Repeat the accent colour throughout the room to achieve the desired effect.