Thomas Cook Clothing: Your Go-To Brand for Stylish Country Wear

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but country fashion has never gone out of style. A crisp cotton shirt, faded jeans and stylish country boots can create the perfect casual, smart-casual, or work outfit that’s equal amounts comfortable and stylish. Country fashion reflects the browns, greens and blues of the countryside and creates a look that anyone will instantly recognise. It reminds you of the good food and fresh air of the healthy rural lifestyle.

If you want to update your wardrobe with some Western-inspired pieces, you may want to buy Thomas Cook clothing that perfectly embodies country style. They offer a wide variety of country clothing that is comfy and on-trend. Their shirts and trousers are made from high-quality cotton material that’s breathable and soothing to your skin. These clothes are ideal for a laid-back casual outfit, but they’re also a good option for workwear. If you’re doing some type of outdoor work and you don’t have a work uniform, country clothing is a great alternative.

How Thomas Cook Came to Be


Today’s modern Thomas Cook apparel has come a long way. In the beginning, this brand manufactured high-quality country boots. It was founded in Melbourne in 1924 by young Thomas Cook. After failing to fulfil his dream of being a flyweight boxer, he found himself in the boot-making business. Thomas Cook created his own boot and clothing company that will establish a decades-long tradition of innovation and craftsmanship.

The brand is synonymous with the Australian Outback and it’s the ideal representation of Australian country life. It symbolises nature and durability, and it’s been a favourite of generations for many decades. Thomas Cook is a well-known brand people of all ages love today because of its commitment to tradition and joining the urban and rural life. It’s passed down from one Cook generation to another, each nurturing the passion for high-quality and stylish garments and footwear.

For their logo, the brand has chosen the silhouette of the iconic Man from Snowy River. This logo depicting the Australian legend is present on many Thomas Cook clothes. It symbolises the journey that they travel on with every customer. Apart from the famous silhouette, the brand’s logo also includes a genuine signature from the late Thomas Cook. Today, his grandson Murray Cook is successfully running the company and continuing the tradition of creating high-quality boots and clothing country-style.

Range of Clothing


What started off as a small footwear manufacturing business is today one of the top Australian brands for country wear. The Thomas Cook clothing of today offers a wide range of country clothes, from comfortable undergarments to sturdy and stylish jackets that keep you warm on the chilliest days. Although the looks can deceive you, most of their collection is made from 100% natural cotton material or cotton blends. This makes for incredibly comfortable clothes that you can wear on a daily basis and will last you for years.

Cotton is one of the most durable natural materials. It’s also soft to your skin, hypoallergenic, and breathable. This helps it easily wick sweat away from your skin, which is especially good in the hot summer temperatures. When it comes to maintenance – cotton is easy to care for. It’s machine-washable and will look good as new even after numerous washings. All of these qualities make cotton a popular natural material for newborn clothes, bedsheets, etc.

Country Clothing: From Work Attire to a Fashion Statement


The country style had its beginnings in the 19th century. Country-style jackets were popular for hunting and other activities, as they provided ruggedness, protection and water resistance for the wearer. On the other hand, they were still formal enough to be worn on the port or at a high society dinner. By the start of the 20th century, this style became more and more popular, and a vast majority of people started wearing it. While some saw it as a British national dress, others favoured it for its versatility and comfort.

What Makes Country Clothes a Great Investment?


Today, people wear country clothes for a number of occasions and activities. You can wear them with or without accessories such as hats, scarves, belts or gloves. There is a number of reasons why you should enrich your wardrobe with country clothing:

  • Comfortable – Cotton country clothes offer you a lot of comfort, whether you’re doing some outdoor work or you’re heading out to town. It’s designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer without taking away from your style.
  • Stylish – The modern country clothes are much more stylish than what they used to be. They’re available in a variety of designs, colours and patterns, so you can choose the piece that best fits your style. This way you will look both comfortable and stylish.
  • Durable – Country clothes are a favourite among all ages and genders because they’re practical and durable. Once they’re in your wardrobe, they will last you for years.
  • Great for outdoor activities – These clothes were primarily designed for the use of hunters and outdoor workers. For this reason, they are great for any type of outdoor activity, whether it’s for work or fun. However, if you have work in mind, you should pair them with the right safety gear to avoid dangerous injuries.
  • Modern and versatile – Country clothes are a timeless trend that is suitable for a number of activities. They keep you cosy while making you feel fashionable and confident in your outfit.
  • Practical – A country wardrobe is designed to withstand the usual wear and tear of everyday clothing. If you plan on wearing country clothes out in the wilderness, you won’t have to worry about tugs of brambles and branches on your sleeves. These clothes are great for someone that enjoys spending time outdoors, whether you’re doing some work around the house or enjoying long walks in nature.

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, make sure to choose trendy, comfortable and practical clothing. Especially for those that have an affinity for outdoor activities and soft cotton materials – I suggest that you buy Thomas Cook clothing.