Top Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Lift Surgery

With the rising trend of technological advancement, breast lift surgery is becoming a common practice across various parts of the globe. Breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts your sagging breasts and reshapes them to restore their youthful look. 

As women age, the breasts lose their elasticity and firmness, which causes the breasts to sag. Surgery experts suggest that women get breast lift surgery not only to enhance their body shape but to feel good about themselves. This article discusses the top reasons why women choose breast lift surgery. 

What Should You Expect from Breast Lift Surgery? 

A breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure performed by a surgeon who removes your excess skin and tightens the breast tissue to reshape and raise the breasts. Your doctor might shift your nipples or areolae ( the darker area surrounding your nipple) to a higher position and keep them in proportion to the newly shaped breasts. You might consider going for a breast lift surgery if: 

  • You have sagging or drooping breasts
  • One of your breasts hangs lower than the other 
  • Your nipples fall below the breast creases area 
  • The areolae part has stretched too much

After a successful breast lift surgery, the surgeon will cover your breasts with gauze and a surgical support bra. Small tubes might also be placed around the incision areas in your breasts to drain any excess fluid. Many women who had breast lift by Dr. Lind suggest that women should avoid physically demanding chores in the first three weeks of surgery. This might hamper the faster recovery of your breasts. 

Also, know that your breasts will be swollen and bruised for nearly two weeks, and you will feel pain and soreness. You will be prescribed some over-the-counter pain medications for the first week post-surgery. 

Reasons Women Choose Breast Lift Surgery 

  1. To restore a more youthful and a better breast shape

One of the most popular and common reasons why women choose breast lift surgery is to rejuvenate their breasts that have a saggy or droopy appearance. A breast lift can be done in combination with breast augmentation to enlarge the size of your breasts along with enhancing their appearance. The process of breast lifting not only returns your breasts to their youthful and attractive position but also boosts confidence to go in public. 

  1. To enhance your breast shape after weight loss 

An intense weight loss journey can often mean losing breast volume. With breast lift surgery, your breasts are tightened and you gain a more youthful breast shape. 

  1. To have an attractive body figure 

Let’s be honest; we all long for an attractive body figure. A majority of people go for breast lifts to have an appealing upper body. This also boosts their confidence and makes them more socially comfortable. 

Bottom Line 

Breast lift surgery works well for people who want to fix droopy or saggy breasts, while those who wish to enlarge their breast size should consider having breast augmentation along with a breast lift. You can consult a professional surgeon before deciding on the surgery you want to go with.