Top Tips To Maintain And Care For the Floor In Your Home

A high-quality floor is worth looking after as it will last for years. This isn’t surprising, anyone who has a solid wood floor will already understand the importance of regularly dusting and mopping with a damp mop.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you have a solid wood floor, laminate, tiles, or have chosen from the vast array of epoxy floor coatings, taking care of your floor will help it to look great and last for longer.  The good news is that it is surprisingly simple to look after your floor.

Brush Daily

The first step is to brush your flooring often. It is important to use a soft-bristled brush as this is better at moving smaller and lighter particles. Soft brushes also reduce the likelihood of you damaging the existing flooring. Simply sweep and use a dustpan to collect the dust.

However, there is one exception to this, that’s if you have a carpet. While carpets can be brushed it is generally not an efficient way of cleaning. These will need to be vacuumed instead. 


If you have a carpet then you may want to get the vacuum out every day and ensure there is no debris or other types of dirt in the piles of your carpet. On all other flooring types, you can vacuum just once or twice a week. 

It’s important to, look at the type of floor you have and use the right attachment. For example, the wrong attachment on a solid wood floor will leave scratches. It should be noted if you have epoxy flooring any attachment can be used as the floor is incredibly tough.

Wash It

If you’re washing wood flooring you firstly need to use a product that is designed to be used with this type of floor. In addition, it is important to remember that wood swells when damp. As such, you need to keep your mop as dry as possible, a damp mop will suffice as this will pick up dust, debris, and other contaminants. 

On tougher floors like epoxy and tiles, you can use almost any type of cleaner. The result is a clean floor.

Remember, if the floor is wet to warn others, you don’t want them falling over on it.


Most hard floors will benefit from a little polish. This can be done once every 6 months although it is best to check with the floor manufacturer to see what they recommend.

Polishing the floor helps to restore its shine and adds a layer of protection across the top of it. That helps the floor to look fantastic and last for longer. 

You’ll need to check with the flooring manufacturer or supplier to establish the best product to use. 

Regular Is Best

If you clean your floor regularly then you’ll find it is much easier to keep it looking fantastic. Leave it and it will be much more difficult to get the floor back to the standard you want.