Want to trim your hair at home? Here’s a complete guide.

The first idea that comes to mind when you see your hair with split ends and frizz is a trim. Professional hairdressers are trained to trim, shape, and treat your hair using the right equipment and products. Experts always recommend against cutting your hair at home. But when you can not go to the salon for a hair trim or treatment, you can use DIY techniques at home. This article mentions the important information and tips to do a successful hair trim session at home. 

Invest in the right equipment 

Understand that you can not use your kitchen or stationery scissors to cut your hair. There are special scissors for hair cutting. Before buying the products, you can gather information on scissors vs shears here. Experts opine that you should not use kitchen scissors on your hair because they are made from low-quality metal and can leave your hair looking frayed. Also Read: Check the best hair cutting shears. The other products you need are a spray bottle, comb, brush, and section clips with you. 

Prepare the hair 

You must have noticed that your hairdresser dampens your hair before starting your haircut. You may think that it is the best way to do that. It undoubtedly makes the hair frizz-free; the professionals are also duly trained to understand that hair shrinks after drying. 

On the other hand, you may not know how short the hair will get after they dry up. So, if it is possible, you should do the trim on dry hair. Also, it is critical to shampoo and condition your hair. It is because oily and dirty hair will cling together and result in an uneven finish. 

Start with sectioning the hair.

After shampooing the hair, you should put a towel on your shoulders or a plastic sheet to prevent the hair from curling up. Now, comb your hair and ensure there are no lumps or tangles in the hair. Next, you should section your hair using the section clips. Experts suggest you increase the risk factor when choosing a more drastic haircut at home. Next, always follow the small section minor cut rule. Experts recommend not cutting the length you want your hair to be at first. Instead, you should start with a small and work your way up if necessary. You can start with a small section in the front and then use the section as a guide for further cuts. 

Consider the direction of your hair and the scissors.

Hair trims and cuts at home are a disaster because of the mismatch between the hair direction and the scissor placement. Before starting your trim at home, you should watch various video tutorials to understand how to set the tip of your hair. According to an expert hairdresser, the easiest way to get the desirable results at home is to pull the hair upward using the fingers and place the scissors parallel to the ends of the hair. It acts as an insurance policy against uneven haircuts. 

Final words 

When planning a hair trim or haircut at home, it is important to understand that hairdressing uses a lot of geometry. So, it would help if you first took video tutorials and only used the right equipment to prevent damage to your hair.