What’s Trending on Hulu in September

If you’re a fan of Hulu, you’ll want to keep an eye on the site’s trending content. September is full of premieres for what’s new on Hulu, including The Handmaid’s Tale, The Kardashians, and a new mystery series.


Pen15 is a new series on Hulu that chronicles a group of teenage girls’ journey through middle school. Starring Erskine and Konkle as 13-year-old best friends Maya and Anna, PEN15 was set in 2000. The two play their teenage selves, and real teenage actors play their classmates. The show is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, filled with embarrassing moments, sexual confusion, and the beginnings of adulthood.

Pen15 is an excellent comedy that perfectly captures the awkwardness of middle school. The series stars real-life tweens, as well as actors who are 31 years old. It is one of the most highly-rated shows on Hulu this year.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a new series from Hulu. Based on Stephen King’s novella, the show follows a town haunted by opioid addiction. The series stars Lizzy Caplan, a former Mean Girls star. In season two, she plays a doctor on the brink of death. The series also has similarities to other Stephen King works like Cujo and Needful Things.

The show’s unique approach to race is a bit different than King’s, but it’s still a good watch. In particular, the treatment of race is more thoughtful, consistent, and grounded in contemporary life. The character of a black woman with a drug problem is not a magical Negro, but a complex human being. Tom Holland’s characterization of the character gives it a unique depth.


Shrill is a web series that captures the complexities of being fat and dealing with the politics that come with it. Aidy Bryant plays Annie, and Lolly Adefope plays her confidante, Fran. It’s a witty take on the world of fat and feminism.

The first season of Shrill is available on Hulu right now. The show follows the lives of two women, Fran and Annie, and their relationships. As a result, “Shrill” is a binge-worthy show.


Hulu has released new pictures of its upcoming series Catch-22. The series is based on the novel by Joseph Heller, which is widely considered a classic satire about war and its insanity. It follows Captain John Yossarian, played by Christopher Abbott, an army Air Force B-25 bombardier who struggles to maintain his sanity during a time of war.

Hulu’s adaptation of the novel captures the novel’s spirit without taking away the story’s complex characters. While the novel is exhaustive and full of characters and backstories, the writers have trimmed some unnecessary scenes and backstories to create a tighter story with more impact.

Veronica Mars

If you missed the hit television show, there’s no need to worry! Hulu is bringing the hit series back for a new season. Fans can now watch the show whenever they want on their streaming service. It’s easy to see why this show is so popular. The show stars Kristen Bell as the intrepid Veronica Mars. The show is all about a teen girl’s quest for justice. It also explores themes of sex, race, and entering the adult world before you’re ready. Fans were captivated by the show’s heightened teen experiences and built a large following for the series.

The series has been a fan favorite for years, and fans are ecstatic to see a new season. It’s a great time to watch a show that captivated audiences in the 2000s. Fans of the show can binge on new episodes of their favorite series, including Veronica Mars. The latest episode features a panel discussion led by creator Rob Thomas.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Fans of animated cartoons should check out the new Bob’s Burgers movie, streaming on Hulu and HBO Max. Based on the popular TV series, the animated movie is a mix of adventure and musical comedy. It opens with a sinkhole blocking the Belcher family’s travel trailer restaurant entrance. The plot follows the family as they struggle to keep their business afloat while their kids investigate the mystery. The movie even features a talking killer that has a recurring appearance in the series.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie will debut on Hulu on July 12 and on HBO Max. It will be available in multiple countries outside the U.S., including Canada and Europe. It will also be available on Star+ and Disney+ in Latin America.

Welcome to Chippendales

The upcoming show Welcome to Chippendales will be coming to Hulu later this year. The show was previously known as Immigrant, and the writers behind the series are Robert Siegel and Emily V. Gordon. Rajiv Joseph and Mehar Sethi are also producing it.

The show will follow Banerjee, an Indian immigrant who founded a male stripping empire. His life and career are jeopardized when a mysterious male comes to take his money. The show’s trailer shows that Banerjee has a dark past.