3 Factors That Determine How Often You Should Deep Clean Your Carpets

Although the carpeting in a home offers a beautiful look and feel, it can hold on to dirt and grime. Over time, carpeting and rugs can become caked with dirt and allergens, making them an eyesore and causing declines in indoor air quality. Unfortunately, homeowners do not always clean their carpets as often as they should. With a deep cleaning, carpet life will be protected and dirt and germs will be removed.

What Can Be Lurking Deep in Carpets?

Even if a homeowner vacuums every day, their carpets could still be teeming with dirt and grime. With Janitorial Cleaning Services, homeowners will be able to rest assured their carpets are truly clean, even down to the deepest fibers. The following offers information on some of the contaminants that could be lurking deep within carpeting.

·        Dirt and grime not only make a carpet look less attractive, but they can also cause damage. Carpet matting often occurs because of dirt and grime. It pulls at the fibers and causes them to become unwoven, creating expensive damage over time.

·        Mold and mildew spores can also inhabit carpeting. When these are present, they may not be noticeable to the naked eye. Mold and mildew can sometimes make the inhabitants of a home become ill.

·        Bacteria can also be lurking deep within the fibers of the carpeting. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent tracking bacteria into a home. Deep carpet cleaning is necessary for removing all types of bacteria.

·        Allergens can also populate carpeting and cause irritation. Pet dander, dust mites, and pollen can all become embedded in the carpeting and cause great discomfort with breathing. Homes with pets could also have fleas and flea eggs living inside their carpets.

Three Factors That Determine How Often Carpets Need Cleaning

Multiple factors can determine how often carpeting needs to be deeply cleaned. Carpet cleaning is much more than vacuuming daily. When homes have the following, deep carpet cleaning will need to be carried out more often.

1. If a home has pets, deep carpet cleaning needs to be carried out a few times a year. Pets track in dirt and grime and leave behind pet dander and sometimes fleas. Dogs and cats can also cause a buildup of fur in carpeting, which can weaken the fibers and cause destruction.

2. Homes with children will also need more frequent cleanings. Children are naturally messy and spills can become prevalent. Children also need a safe and clean place to play. Keeping the carpets deeply cleaned will help to prevent children from becoming ill.

3. Should a home include a smoker, deep carpet cleanings are going to need to be done more often. Smoking leaves behind tar and other contaminants that can cause carpet staining. Over time, smoke can lead to carpet damage that becomes permanent. Deep cleanings can help to combat the damage.

Professional Cleanings Are Essential

It is imperative homeowners hire professionals to ensure their carpets are deeply cleaned. Ideally, carpeting should be deep cleaned a couple of times a year, though the above may warrant more frequent cleanings.


When carpeting is neglected, it can become filled with dirt, debris, and allergens, along with bacteria. With a professional deep carpet cleaning, homeowners can rest assured their carpets will be clean and inviting. Now is a perfect time to seek the professionals for these services.

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