3 Important Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

Almost everyone goes for their yearly checkups and teeth examinations. But many people neglect their medical responsibilities when it comes to the eye doctor.

While we didn’t grow up taking eye tests quite as much as getting our teeth cleaned, eye care is just as crucial for your health and wellness. But how exactly should you handle your routine exam with your eye doctor? How can you optimize the experience for healthy living?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading because this article will walk you through three essential questions to ask at your next eye exam.

1. Am I Spending Too Much Time On My Computer? 

Computers have brought many wonderful things into our world. Unfortunately, they’ve also brought us the dreaded computer vision syndrome

The blue light of a computer, combined with the repetitive motions of computer-based jobs, can considerably decrease someone’s visual capabilities. It’s essential to ask your eye doctor if they think you’re suffering from this, and tell them whether or not you work on a computer.

This syndrome can cause blurred vision, tired eyes, double vision, and, in extreme cases, headaches, back, and neck pain. Because of this, your doctor might prescribe you blue-light-blocking glasses, which can significantly improve your overall visual health.

2. How Can I Care For My Eyes? 

The basics of dental health are relatively simple: make sure you brush twice a day, avoid sweets, don’t bite any rocks. But beyond not staring at the sun, how should you best take care of your eyes? 

Generally, the answer lies in foods high in omega-3s, such as leafy greens, carrots, fish, and citrus. However, always defer to your doctor on the best options for your optical health.

You also might be able to change the way you apply makeup, complete eye exercises, and change things about your day-to-day life that can improve the health of your eyes. 

3. When Should I Come Back? 

People don’t neglect their duties because they want to sabotage their optical health. Most likely, they just don’t know how often they should see the eye doctor. Thing leads to things, and they don’t visit the eye doctor for years.

This is why you should set a schedule for future appointments with your eye doctor. You’re less likely to forget if you have the doctor holding you accountable.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly doctor, find a place that specializes in family eye care.

Take Care of Your Eyes For Health and Wellness

We all take visits to our primary care doctor and our dentist. However, for maximum health and wellness, make sure you also pay a visit to an eye doctor. And be sure to take along this list of questions, too.

For more articles like this, check out our Wellbeing section, and start taking care of your health today.

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