3 Posture Dos and Don’ts for a Healthy Pregnancy

Having good posture during your pregnancy is very important because bad posture can lead to pain and discomfort as well as possible harm to the baby. When you have good posture, you are allowing the tension to ease in your neck, back, shoulders, and hips. At the end of your pregnancy, having good posture can help your baby to find the right birthing position. 

Continue reading to learn some of the dos and don’ts for proper posture in pregnancy.

1. Dos and Don’ts For Sitting

Maintaining your posture when sitting is essential to your comfort while pregnant. When sitting, it’s important to remember a few of the following:

  • Do sit with your shoulders pulled back and down.
  • Do sit with your bottom flush against the back of the chair. 
  • Do have feet flat on the floor with your hips and knees at a 90° angle (using a footstool when necessary).
  • Do sit with your ears, shoulders, and hips aligned.

It’s important to avoid sitting with your legs crossed as it can lead to bad circulation and swelling. Don’t stay in the same position for too long and remember to reposition your body every so often. Don’t let your legs hang as it can cause swelling in them.

If you are having pain and tension while sitting and pregnant, you may want to see a chiropractor to help you relieve these symptoms. Seeing a chiropractor might seem a little scary while you are pregnant, but you can check out doctors like this Chiropractor for Pregnant Women in Salt Lake City.

2. Dos and Don’ts For Laying Down

When it comes to pregnancy, you may spend a lot of time laying down (either sleeping or resting) depending on possible morning sickness and fatigue symptoms. Remember to lay on your side, rather than your back or stomach. When you lay on your side, use pillows for added support to your neck, back, and belly. Don’t forget a pillow between your knees.

Avoid laying on your back later in pregnancy as your heavier uterus may press on the larger blood vessels causing some possible issues. Remember that when you get out of bed to take it slow and easy.

3. Dos and Don’ts For Bending & Twisting

With your obstetrician’s ‘okay’, bending is okay during your first trimester. It’s later in your pregnancy when it may pose an issue. When you are later in pregnancy, you will want to avoid bending and twisting because it can cause falling, heartburn, dizziness, and/or muscle strain. You may still be able to do yoga when you are pregnant.

When you have to bend over, DO bend at the knees and squat. Use your hands and knees to get up off the floor rather than bending. DO avoid picking stuff up from the floor, especially when it is heavy. If it’s unavoidable, use proper lifting techniques to prevent strain on your body. Make sure you hold the item below your belly to keep your center of gravity. 

Maintaining Good Posture in Pregnancy

Remember these tips and practice them for maintaining good posture in pregnancy. It will save you from possible muscle strains and adverse health issues relating to your pregnancy.

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