3 Stunning Hair Changes Without the Commitment

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We may be happy with our hair for the most part – the length and style may suit us on a day-to-day basis. But it is only natural to sometimes feel like a change is needed. With WInter just around the corner and there has never been a better time to try a fresh new look. We’ve compiled three of our favourite ways to change your hair without the commitment of a total restyle.

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The Faux Bob or “Hair Tuck”

A pixie crop or collarbone-skimming bob can create a sleek and sophisticated look. They can also involve a lot of styling and regular trims to keep them looking fresh and presentable. The no-nonsense solutions preferred on the runway and red carpet give the same effect without the terror of going for the full chop. A faux bob is usually styled with layers, so that longer hair is tucked and pinned into place at the nape of the neck while short strands are left to fall loose. Coupled with shine spray, the effect is of a wispy, face framing bob that you can have just for a day. The hair tuck is the faux bob’s free-spirited sister. Simply gather your hair and tuck it into the back of your clothing or scarf. This is a particularly youthful and nonchalant way to wear the hair and was a staple at London Fashion Week. Not only is it quick to achieve, but the hair appears significantly shorter at first glance and draws attention to the facial features. Add a bit of root-boosting dry shampoo or hairspray for added volume at the crown.

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Coloured Extensions

Highlighting the hair can be expensive and time-consuming. A full head of highlights might need to be maintained as soon as the roots start to show. The ombre effect – or dying the ends of the hair a lighter shade than the roots – has also been popular. Real human hair extensions provide a far safer and less permanent solution. Many companies offer a shade matching service. Some will also advise on selecting shades that can be woven into the natural hair to create a highlighted effect. As the extensions can be simply clipped in and then removed, there is no damage to your natural hair due to bleach, ammonia, or other chemicals. Style as you would your regular hair, but use a heat protectant when dealing with hot tools. Whether working with your natural hair or an additional piece, it is important to protect the scalp by using quality combs and brushes.

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Hair Pieces

For an ultra-convenient option, try a hair piece. Faux buns or fringes simply clip into position over your natural hair. They can be styled in polished up-dos or looser, easy styles for the Summer. Whatever your taste, outfit, or current hair length there is a hair piece to suit you. In recent years, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande have helped to make hair pieces popular again.

Try something new today and see who notices first.

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