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3 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Home, And How To Fix Them


Your house is probably your biggest asset. And so it’s well worth your while doing all you can to make sure that it’s in good repair. However, this is easier said than done. With all the pressures of life, it’s difficult to find time to keep on top of home repairs. What’s more, left unchecked, some problems can get worse and worse, ultimately costing you thousands of dollars to put right.

Fortunately warning signs are easy to spot. And contractors who can fix the problems are only ever a call away. Here’s are some of the most common problems found in houses throughout the US, and how to deal with them.

Heating And Air Conditioning Breakdown

Heating and air conditioning systems are an integral part of your home. But all too often, these systems can break. Boilers tend to give out quite often, especially if they are several years old. And air-conditioning systems tend to be very complicated. And as a result, there are many ways in which they can fail.

A house without temperature control is hardly a house at all. If you’re elderly, not having control over the temperature in the summer or winter can be a serious health hazard. Amateurs can’t fix air conditioning and plumbing problems. And so the best option, when you run into a problem with either of these systems, is to hire somebody out to get the problem fixed.

Cracks In Your Foundations

Not all cracks in your foundations are worth worrying about. Hairline cracks are usually the result of the concrete setting. And as a result, they can simply be filled with epoxy or some other injection filling system.


However, there are more serious cracks, about which you should be very concerned. Most experts recommend using the pencil test. If you can fit a pencil into a crack up to the paint on the pencil, the crack is probably structural and needs to be fixed. Problems like this require the attention of a structural engineer. But don’t put it off. Problems like this usually only get worse, and more expensive to fix with time.

Pest Infestation

Pest infestation isn’t just bad for you from a health point of view; it’s also bad for your house. Termites, for example, are attracted to rotting firewood and mulch. Often the can invade your house if you haven’t cleaned out your gutters recently. They can also get into your foundations if you’ve left mulch or other plant matter near your foundations.

Once terminates get into your foundations they can start wreaking havoc. Some termite colonies have been observed to chew through floorboards and foundations in a matter of months.

The best solution to infestation is prevention. Make sure that you keep all decomposing plant matter away from your home.

You can check to see whether you have a termite infestation by looking for shredded termite wings along window sills and entry points. In extreme situations, you may have to call in exterminators to sort out the problem.


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