3 Things You Should Know About Mailer Bags

When you are just starting your own eCommerce business, choosing the right packaging for shipping may help make your product a success because it will not only attract customers but also help keep your product safe while being delivered. In addition, mailer bags provide an opportunity to make a unique impression and reinforce your brand’s quality, so you want to make it eye-catching and sturdy. 

On the other hand, choosing the wrong packaging could be detrimental to your business. If customers receive your product and find it damaged, they may never order from you again and cause a dent in you and your brand’s reputation. This is the crucial importance of your delivery container units to provide extra security to your products. 

What Are Mailing Bags

Mailing and courier bags may seem just like any other plastic bags, but they have gained popularity in the business and delivery world. These dependable and versatile packaging are mainly made from paper or plastic materials. They are designed to be well-sealed so that materials such as dirt and water can’t get in, lending protection while your products are being delivered. Some packaging is also designed to be vacuum-packed in case some of the items need to stay fresh.

Mailing bags are highly customisable, thus providing additional marketing tactics for your business. Depending on your budget for packaging, there are many materials, finishes, and design options you can choose from that will leave an impression on your customers. Products in packaging with polished design and excellent branding usually stand out from others, and this post will help you choose the right packaging for your business. 

What Are The Important Considerations When Choosing The Right Packaging?

  1. Budget 

Before you delve into finding the right design for your packaging, you must first consider your total budget because it will determine the kinds of materials you could use and the complexity of the design. The rule of thumb for your packaging budget is to spend between 1-3% of your total marketing budget. Within that 1-3% budget, there are many design options and materials you can choose from. If you are a startup business, you must remember to balance effective budgeting and design sensibility to succeed in your project.

  1. Transportation 

Before selecting custom packaging, you also have to remember that not all shipping partners would allow your custom packaging. So, before you get all excited about your new packaging, make sure that your shipping partner supports it. Once you have a suitable partner and a design for your packaging in mind, you need to consider its functionality. Deliveries can sometimes be a pain. Amazing packaging will be worthless if your customers receive a damaged product. Packaging mailer bags are designed to be a tear or tamper-proof, highly durable, and flexible to accommodate the high volumes of items and can be packed with air pockets or other void fillers to prevent damage to your products. Deliveries are a vital part of the customer experience, so you have to make sure that all elements will work for hand in hand to provide the best service you can give. 

  1. Materials 

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to materials used to make packaging. Before, mailing and courier bags were made primarily of plastic, but due to rising environmental concerns, paper and other forms of plastic such as poly mailers have become popular as alternative materials. Paper packaging is usually made from kraft paper, which is tear-resistant, colour change-resistant, and very durable. These kinds of packaging are a good choice for those who want eco-friendly and recyclable material. Poly mailers are made from different kinds of recycled plastic materials but are generally safe to use because they have already been recycled. 

Mailing and courier bags are considered one of the most used container units in the past couple of years because of the surge in eCommerce. With the advent of the internet and internet shopping, it isn’t surprising that mailing bags will continue to become popular, and we will see a lot of changes. It is then important to be flexible when it comes to your use of these products for your business. 

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