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4 Air Conditioner Tips to reduce your energy consumption this Summer

Summers feel good when the temperatures are not too high, and one can enjoy the weather. However, summers are super hot in some parts of the world. The families can not go without an air conditioner. The ACs help keep your home cool and maintain a nice temperature inside but with it comes increased energy consumption. 

We understand that you want to use your ACs to relax at home after a tiring day at work. But as a responsible citizen, you should also understand the importance of reducing energy consumption. It will also help reduce your monthly energy bills and save you from spending huge amounts. This article mentions some effective tips for reducing consumption and bill. 

Set the right temperature

Believe it or not, setting the right temperature will help reduce the costs and energy consumption. The governments and many AC manufacturers have concluded that 22-24 degrees are the best cooling unit temperature. Many companies have now started to manufacture smart ACs that suggest the best temperature by themselves. You can buy a smart window air conditioner for your home and save on bills by following the guidelines. You will receive notifications on your smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The simple science behind setting the temperature is; that the lesser the pressure on the compressor, the more energy it will save. 

Air leakage and heat emitting devices

No rooms are completely air-tight, but at the same time, simply ensuring that your doors and windows remain shut is also not enough. There are often huge gaps in doors and windows that you should fix to prevent leakage of cool air.

Also, ensure to keep the maximum shade in the room by drawing curtains or installing a shading sheet outside. It will help prevent the sunlight from filling the room and heating it. It simply takes the AC longer to cool the room in such cases. 

Another thing that you can take care of is switching off heat-emitting devices like heavy computers, old TVs, and so on. Usually, refrigerators emit a lot of heat but switching them off is not an option. Try moving them to another room.

Regular Servicing

One of the most important factors when saving money is getting your air conditioner serviced regularly. Getting the unit serviced might cost you a small amount of money, but it helps reduce your electricity bills by increasing efficiency. Over time the amount of money you save by getting regular servicing is easily higher than the money you would save by not getting it serviced and getting higher bills.

Keep the fan on

Many people speculate on this matter, whether or not they should keep the fan on while your AC is running. The answer is that it will surely help if you keep the fan running at a low speed while the AC is on. The fan helps regulate the hot air collected in the upper area of the room and will aid in more efficient cooling.

Final Words 

Making sure that you follow up on such simple tasks can easily help you save money. Lacking behind in any of these can cost you money through higher billing. Not only that following up on these tips will also make you more eco-friendly.