Let Your Style Speak- How To Be Politically & Socially Fashionable

Fashion and politics are diverse zones, and they hardly connect. You cannot think of politics when you imagine glamorous ramp walks and pretty models. At the same time, fashion hardly comes to your mind while thinking about political rallies and roadshows. But the truth is that the two often come together at some point. People often utilize fashion to express their political beliefs and mindsets. Even people who are not style-savvy may make political statements with the clothes they choose to wear. You can actually let your style speak with the right take on fashion. Here are some designer-recommended tips to be politically and socially fashionable.  

Wear the colour of the cause you believe in

Everyone has a social cause that moves them. Maybe, you are a breast cancer survivor or lost a loved one to this deadly disease. You can choose to wear the colour pink on special events and occasions to show solidarity with the cause of breast cancer awareness. Many causes and organisations have official colours, and people who follow them can showcase their connection by wearing the colour. It is an easy, subtle, and personal way to use fashion for a social purpose. You can say a lot without saying anything. 

Express your political views with statement clothing

Statement clothing makes a great way to express your political views. You only need to get the right words, hashtags, or images on your clothes to attract attention and propagate your mission. For example, you can wear a not my president shirt to send your message loud and clear. Remember that political fashion is never subtle, and it can be even controversial. Think beyond shirts and tees, and you can even showcase your political sentiment on accessories like bags and hats. Wear them with confidence and aplomb to reinforce your belief. Use fashion as the opportunity for self-expression, and do not worry about being loud and unapologetic.  

Buy from brands that share your belief

Being socially and politically fashionable is not just about making statements with your clothes and accessories. It is also about finding a brand that shares your belief, vision, and values. Whether you believe in sustainability, gender equality, or fair wages, you can find businesses that share the same ideology. You can trust them to offer designs and patterns that resonate with your mindset, so you will never run short of politically fashion options. Another reason to stick with these brands is that you can extend your support to a mission you believe in and care about. You fulfil the dual purpose of sharing your priorities with the world and supporting your favourite cause. 

If you are socially and politically conscious, using your sense of style for showcasing your cause is a great idea. The best part is that blending fashion with a cause is easier than you imagine. You only need to be bold and fearless enough to express who you are inside and what moves you as a person. Your clothes will say the rest!