4 Ingenious Ideas For Your Garage Conversion


For many people, their garage is simply underused and underutilized, just like their garden. Are you guilty of treating your garage as a mere afterthought? You’re not alone. After all, they’re often just seen as nothing more than a place to store your car or DIY tools. But with a little creative thinking, your garage could be so much more than that, and it’s only fair to treat it with the respect it deserves.


Garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular in western culture. People are coming to the realisation that they could turn their attached garages into an additional room. The best part of all? This could even give your property a boost in value!


Before you start digging into these ideas, though, there are a few things you need to work out. Not all garages are created equal. First of all, attached garages are a lot easier to convert than integrated garages. This is because, with an attached garage, you can often gain access to it from inside your house. You’ll also need to handle all the boring formalities, like gaining planning permission for the work to be done. Ensuring that your conversion meets all the requirements is vital. Consider ventilation, soundproofing and insulation before starting. You also need to make sure that you fill all safety quotas from your local authority, such as fire escape access. Finally, consider your garage door. You may need to upgrade in order to make a conversion possible.


With all the boring stuff out the way, it’s time to start thinking big! And really, your garage conversion can be as inventive as you like. Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way:


  1. Home Office


If you do a lot of work from home, it’s important that you have a dedicated space in which to work. This means you’re free from distractions and can be as productive as you need to be. By converting your garage into a home office, you can set up away from the rest of the family to make sure your work gets done quickly.

kitchen modern



  1. Kitchen Extension

Even better if your garage is connected to the kitchen, as is often the case. You’ve got yourself a built-in extension waiting to happen! If your kitchen is small and crowded, the additional space could prove to be a godsend.


bathroom 1Source


  1. Downstairs Bathroom

If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of a downstairs bathroom, your life will never be the same without one. Without the space to have one put in, though, you have no choice but to go without. Not anymore! By consulting the right plumber, you could have you garage converted into a spacious downstairs bathroom. You’ll never have to join the morning queue for the shower again!


  1. Studio Apartment

If you’re stuck with a detached garage, all is not lost! If its size is big enough, think about turning it into a luxury studio apartment, complete with en suite bathroom. This idea would take a lot of planning, but you could even rent it out to gain some additional income, so it pays for itself. Worth the investment?

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