4 Simples Ways to Enhance your Natural Beauty

We all wish to look beautiful, appear attractive in whatever outfit we wear, and incite complimentary remarks whenever we grace an event. But, unfortunately, it takes more than making a wish on a falling star to bring such a dream to pass.

To make heads turn whenever you walk, you need to do more than bathing thrice daily, grooming your hair for several hours, or wearing a matching outfit. If you are eager to enhance your beauty so that you feel proud whenever you step out, we advise that you consider these four simple tips.

1. Exfoliate

It is a little difficult to keep up with our skin. One minute we are smearing it with moisturisers, the next minute, it goes back to being dry and dull. To ensure your skin doesn’t lose its glow, complement it with exfoliators. 

The skin naturally produces new cells and, as these cells emerge, the dead ones tend to appear on top of the skin, making it appear flaky and dull. When this occurs, there is no reason to apply moisturisers.

Rather than waste your expensive body butter on dead skin cells, exfoliate it first to discard the dead skin cells before applying moisturisers. The exfoliation will create a radiant and glowing complexion, which will help improve your appearance.

2. Quit smoking and alcohol

Aside from being linked with conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc., smoking cigarettes is also known to affect your skin. Every gratifying puff you take releases about 4000 toxic substances into the body. Quite a lot, right? Of course!

The same goes for excessive alcohol. While alcohol remains one of the best ways to soothe your nerves after a hectic day, boost your mood, or escape life’s problems, taking too much could be harmful to your health and skin, specifically.

Try to quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Doing so will increase your lifespan, enhance your skin appearance, and make you appear younger.

3.  Consider facelift

Take a look at the mirror. How is your face? Is it smeared with stubborn wrinkles that refuse to go away regardless of the skincare product or facials you apply? Or is it crammed with sagging facial skin that makes you look super old even if you are in your mid-30s?

If you are suffering from these problems and have exhausted every possible option you can think of; you may want to embrace a facelift. A facelift is ideal for skin conditions like sagging skin, skin wrinkles, deep creases, and premature aging. For the best results, ensure you consider Facelift by Dr. Kimberly J. Lee, an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 

4. Wear mineral makeup

Your skin needs to breathe, which is why clogging your pores with those thick, heavy foundations is a bad choice. Rather than stick with such foundation, go for mineral makeup, BB creams, or other mild ways to conceal imperfections on your face. Most mineral powders contain ingredients that can help prevent spots. On the other hand, BB creams help moisturize your skin and balance your skin tone without blocking your pores.


You could go from looking like an older woman with a face smeared with wrinkles and sagging skin to looking like one who could make heads turn. All it takes is the right beauty tips, and of course, the commitment. Your body wouldn’t take care of itself, that is a job for you and no one else. 

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