4 step guide to help you become a good guitarist!

Are you one of those girls who fancy themselves as the lead guitarist of a band who just can’t wait to set the stage on fire with their incredible musical talent? But is that so easy? Allow us to ask you a simple question. Do you want to limit yourself by just singing your favorite songs or want to expand your horizon by learning an instrument to coordinate with your mesmerizing voice?

Well, obviously the latter is what an aspiring musician looks forward to! So let’s just say you are interested in playing a stringed instrument and narrowed down your choices to learning a guitar. So, it goes without saying that you need to brush up on your guitar lessons and become a complete musical package. You should know that it is not too complicated at first, but a difficult skill to master. Not to mention that it starts with basics, but with the proper approach and a little bit of patience, everything will just be a piece of cake. Start TODAY, and you can get on your way to becoming a skilled musician who knows her way around music and tunes.

It’s okay if you have no idea about where to start; that’s what we are here for. We have some guitar-learning tricks up our sleeves to share with you that can help you pursue your passion. Ready to roll?

  • Practice from scratch

The golden rule of mastering any skill is that you practice like there’s no tomorrow. But with this, we don’t mean that you put up on your guitar strap and start practicing blindly. It’s going to lead you nowhere. According to industry experts, practicing without intent is utterly pointless; you need a well-defined goal. See, music is a creative subject, but playing an instrument is all about focus, persistence, and perfect hand-eye coordination. 

If you are budding a guitarist, then it is crucial that you first attempt to know about your way around the instrument. After you are done with figuring out what goes where and how everything is supposed to work, watch some tutorials and practice from scratch. Try learning about chords and scales and learn how to play all your favorite songs. You can also try some of the tricks to remember the order of all the chords. You can consider using an anagram such as “Eat All Day, Go To Bed Early.” This anagram represents the chords, E, A, D, G, B, e. Cool trick! Right?

Having a well-defined practice session will save you from an unavailing endeavor. And when you are done figuring out what kind of tunes you want to play and what practice routine you are going to follow, then start playing your guitar as much as possible. Once you get hold of an instrument, no one can stop you from being the rockstar you always wanted to be.

  • Learn how to read tablature.

You might be familiar with the fact that guitar music is not written on sheet music but on tablature. That’s the professional way of writing music for a professional guitar player. It’s fairly easy to read once you get hold of how to read tablature. Basically, some tabs are formatted in a way that they mimic the fretboard of a guitar. There are six lines, and each one represents one of the six guitar strings. 

For instance, if you see a number 2 on an E string on your tab, you need to play the second note on the E string of your guitar. This way, you are supposed to play all the notes while playing your stringed instrument. Easy! Right?

  • Own adequate equipment

You might have heard people saying that it’s the talent that matters and not the quality of your guitar or amp you own. Well, that’s just partly true. Talent coordinated with the right equipment is what differentiates you from an amateur to a professional player. 

Look at it this way, once you know what’s going to be your ideal sound, it can be jocked up by appropriate gear. For instance, a music console lets you produce your very own and unique music piece. And if you are trying to learn a bass guitar, then you must practice it by plugging it into a bass guitar amp. The bass amp is literally the most important and the core part of your musical setup. From playing small gigs to a professional rockstar-style concert, bass amps are all that you need to deliver quality and mesmerizing music. 

Having proper gear can help you produce many substantial music pieces and leave your audience awe-spired. So, if your dream is to play like a professional guitarist, start by owning proper gear.

  • Learn all of the inversions of every chord everywhere

A professional guitarist can think of playing at least 20 versions of playing the “E” chord on the spot. But it is challenging for a budding guitarist to do that. And if you aspire to become one, not knowing different inversions of the chord can be a disaster.

Basically, chord inversions add an entirely new and unique dimension to basic ones. This is the best tool used by songwriters and composers who want to keep their music sounding fresh. So, whether you are a performer or a writer, learning about chord inversions will help you be better at whatever you do. In fact, according to industry experts, having good command over chord inversion can help you add a subtle amount of drama to your music without altering the piece altogether. 

For instance, adding inverted chords to a chord progression helps inject whole new layers of sophistication and complexity and allows you to deliver a masterpiece. It is needless to say that providing a unique sound to your audience can get them to enjoy your music without making them feel bored. 

To sum it all up!

Apart from all these guitar-learning tips mentioned above, you need to know that there is nothing more important than believing in your talent. This belief will push you to progress and fulfil all your rockstar dreams. So, coordinate your appealing voice with a perfect instrument, and you’ll definitely be the best and complete musical package you always wanted to be.

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