4 Ways to Make Your Child’s Student Accommodation Feel Like Home

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Moving into student accommodation can be exciting but also a little daunting, particularly if you’ve never lived away from your family home before. Even if your child can’t wait to embrace the change, living independently is a huge lifestyle adjustment. These four tips will help you to make your child’s student accommodation feel like home.

1. Use your favourite linen

It may take a while before your child can settle in and feel completely comfortable in their new house. To bring a sense of familiarity to their room, be sure the sleep in theirr favourite set of sheets. It’s not uncommon to be provided with linen in student accommodation, but by using your own sheets and blankets, you can make your child’s new surroundings feel more homely. It might sound trivial, but sleeping in familiar linen can be very reassuring and help to reduce stress (especially if they’ve never lived away from home before).

2. Hang photographs

As a student, your child probably won’t have the most lucrative budget for decorating. However, they can choose from a variety of cost-effective ways to enhance the look of their living space so that it reflects their sense of style and personality. Rather than leaving the walls of their new room bare, try featuring some photographs of family and friends. In addition to photos, they can also use posters or art work to make your child’s student accommodation feel more like home. If you’re child is a creative sort of person, they could make a photo wall using images of different sizes for a unique decorative feature. Given that most student accommodation restricts the use of permanent decorations, be sure to use removable tape and hooks.

3. Find the right place

In order to feel at home in student accommodation, it’s crucial your child finds a place that suits their lifestyle. Given the diverse range of housing available to students, it can be difficult to know exactly where they would fit in best. For example, Sydney presents an abundance of choice when it comes to student housing. Just typing student accommodation Sydney into Google returns a dizzying amount of search results. To make the process of finding a suitable place to live while they study less of a struggle, consider your child moving into in a house specially made for students. Organisations such as Iglu provide purpose-built homes for students in off-campus locations with different sized apartments available in a selection of locations.

4. Lighting

Mood lighting can make a huge difference in creating a comfortable and inviting space. Whether your child wants to invest in a sophisticated reading lamp or hang some stylish lanterns, brightening up your student accommodation can help make you feel more comfortable and at home. For a soft, relaxed atmosphere, use a number of different sources of light, and to get the right shade, try implementing a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness depending on their mood.

Living in student accommodation presents the opportunity to save money on rent and make new friends while your child studies. Any initial doubts they may have will soon be forgotten in the excitement of meeting new people and adjusting to life as a student. Do you have any suggestions to make student accommodation feel more like home? Share your throughs in the comments below.

Do you have any suggestions to make student accommodation feel more like home? Share your throughts in the comments below.

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