5 Anniversary Gifts to Thrill Even the Pickiest Husband

Your anniversary should be a time to celebrate another blissful year with your one and only. But often this happy occasion comes with a side order of stress: how can you pick a gift that truly describes just how much your partner means to you? This task is even more difficult if you’ve got yourself a fussy hubby! If your husband is uninspired by ties and repulsed by matching robes, don’t fret.

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We’ve put together a list of five anniversary gifts that’ll thrill even the pickiest husband.

  1. Flowers

Flowers may seem like a very ordinary anniversary gift, but the truth is, most men have never been on the receiving end before!

If you love the feeling of being presented with a gorgeous bouquet, the chances are, your man will too. But don’t just turn up with any old bunch of flowers. Make things special by attaching a romantic note and creating a symbol-rich bouquet that describes your marriage. For example, add a sprig of jasmine to represent love or a touch of lavender to symbolise passion and devotion.

If you’re feeling extra romantic, you could even match the colour scheme to your anniversary. For example, the colour for your 15th anniversary is red. This guide walks you through all the anniversary themes and colours by year and even includes gift ideas.

  1. A DIY Relationship Memory Jar

Whether you’re celebrating one year together or ten, you’ve already made hundreds of beautiful memories together. For an anniversary gift that’ll melt his heart without breaking the bank, create a DIY Relationship Memory jar.

Start by decorating a mason jar with ribbons, stickers or even a favourite photo. Then, on individual squares of paper, write down enough special memories to completely fill the jar.

Encourage your husband to take out a memory and read it whenever you’re having a fight or he’s missing you.

  1. Cheeky Coupons

For another DIY option that will drive any man wild, why not create your own romantic coupons? This gift is particularly good for couples who find that work or kids are getting in the way of regular intimacy.

Using a blank cheque pad or pink post-it notes, write out a series of redeemable coupons for your man to cash in over the next year. They can be as saucy or as tame as you’d like, from ‘1 free foot rub’ to ‘1 evening of strategically placed whipped cream’. Use your imagination and knowledge of your husband’s favourite things to make his wildest dreams and desires come true.

  1. Recreating Your First Date

Wedding anniversaries are all about remembering the steps you took to get where you are today. Relive the magic of your courtship by recreating your first (or favourite) date with your husband.

From your outfit to the music, everything should put your husband in mind of those early days of being in love. If possible, book the same restaurant or hire the same type of car. This gift is particularly fun for couples celebrating 10+ years together. After all, who could pass up the giddy high of making out like teenagers again (this time without your housemate walking in!)?

  1. A Mix-tape

Sticking with the nostalgic theme, what about a mix-tape? Compile a list of your man’s favourite jams, interspersed with songs that mean something to you as a couple, like your wedding song or the track that was playing when you first kissed.

If he’s a tech-savvy guy, you can do this using a music service like Spotify, but for a truly nostalgic experience, you can’t go past a cassette tape (or at least a USB that looks like one!) or old-fashioned CD.

For the man that has everything, it’s not about spending a lot of money or coming up with zany gift ideas. Focus on gifts that remind him exactly why the two of you are celebrating another amazing year together and you’ll bring a smile to even the pickiest husband’s face!


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