5 Careers For Stylish Women

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Do you have a serious passion for fashion or an amazing sense of style? Are you looking for ways to incorporate this into work? If so, here are five style-inspired career choices that you should consider.

1. Retail

Can you effortlessly combine outfits and have a natural flair for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to clothing and accessories? If this is the case, then retail is a clear career choice for you. The world of fashion needs a home and that comes in the form of retail distribution and outlets. Many people start their retail career as a sales assistant and work their way up into management roles. You can also do a Certificate in Retail Operations, offered by education providers such as Careers Australia. You may even be able to land a role as a Personal Shopper, meaning you’ll get to help people and shop at the same time!

2. Design and photography

The world of design covers almost every facet of our life, ranging from our clothing and accessories (fashion design) to the homes that we live in (architecture). There’s also interior design, landscape design or even graphic and web design. Another creative and style-infused career choice is photography. This is a great way to explore your artistic style and there are a wide range of industry sectors that you can specialise in including fashion, food and hospitality, tourism and travel or the arts.

3. Make-up artist

Make-up artists are a vital part of the entertainment world and are responsible for getting actors, models and presenters ready for performance onstage or onscreen. Working in film, television or stage can also give artists the opportunity to combine make-up and prosthetics to create stunning and dramatic characters or special-effects. If you prefer more realistic make-up work, you can apply your training and skills to help women create unforgettable memories on their wedding day or graduation ceremony. You may even find work within make-up companies and be involved in the development of new products, colours and trends.

4. Hairdresser

Our hairstyle says a lot about who we are as a person and allows us to make a very outward declaration of our style and personality. Even tough tradesmen visit the hairdresser now as opposed to the ‘barber’ and it’s not uncommon to see these macho men sporting a few highlights in their hair. As a hairdresser, you’re not just cutting peoples’ hair, but helping them to achieve a certain style and therefore, better express themselves.

5. Property stylist

There is a growing trend for real estate agents and people selling property to call in the help of property stylists to ‘dress’ or ‘style’ a home in preparation for sale. This involves creating a pleasant and welcoming property that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. The ultimate aim of styling a property is to maximise ‘saleability’ and secure the best sale price for the owner.

If style is an inherent part of who you are and how you choose to express yourself as a person, it might be worthwhile a career that allows you to express this.

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