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5 Great Ideas For A Spare Room

A spare room is an amazing opportunity. Not only are you lucky enough to even have that much space, but you’ve also got the chance to turn it into something great. You might be a little spoilt for choice though. You can do anything and everything with this spare room. Take a look at these great ideas for some inspiration:

Home Office

If you work from home or are the type to bring your work home with you, this might be ideal. It’s quite simple to fit out too. Just grab a nice office chair and a desk for the basics.

For when the sun gets low when you’re working late, try a set of blinds to keep the glare off your computer screen. For a little bit of green, a potted plant can brighten up the room.

Spare Bedroom

If you’re the type to have guests, a spare bedroom can be great. It’ll save them from having to sleep on your lumpy sofa or the floor on a blow-up mattress. If your spare room is not huge, you’ll have first to look for single beds, multi-function fold-out beds or sofa beds (You can now buy armchairs and ottomans that fold out into a single bed).  Our spare room pictured, above) has  enough room for a queen size bed and a set of bedside drawers.

A nice set of curtains and a chest of drawers should round out the room. You could have guests staying long-term, and that chest of drawers will make it easy for them to store their clothes instead of living out of a bag. We have built in wardrobes, so I have placed a set of drawers in the wardrobe for guests to put their belongings in.

Games Room

If you like your leisure time, turning that spare room into a games room is going to be awesome. Again, you may be limited by space so bare that in mind. Trying to fit a whole pool table into there just isn’t going to work. You could always get a miniature one though.

A darts set is a great addition to any games room. It’s very easy to store too. You may be able to fit a smallish pinball table in there, but you’ll have to be sure it can even fit through the door first.


If you’ve got a lot of books, you’ll always be struggling for space. With a spare room though, you can create your own wall-to-wall library. Fill up the walls with tall shelf units. From there you can pile all your books in as you find them, or arrange them alphabetically or by the author.

Of course, once you’re out of storage space you may need to reconsider your book-buying habits. Don’t be afraid to toss out a few old ones to get the new ones in.

Yoga Room

A room, but for yoga. If you do yoga, you’ll know it can take up space. You need significant elbow and leg room for this. The good news is decoration is easy. Just keep the room bare and place down your yoga mat. Easy as that.

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