5 Myths New Art Collectors Must Steer Clear Of

The art collection is an enticing hobby. You will probably want to try your luck with it at some point if you have some aesthetic sense. But several misconceptions may keep you from exploring this incredible world. Not surprisingly, countless enthusiasts give up midway, and many do not even start the journey. But you can avoid these circumstances by staying one step ahead of the myths. Here are the ones new collectors must steer clear of right from the start.

Myth #1- You must have a massive budget

If you think you need a massive budget to start and grow your collection, you are mistaken. The hobby is not just for millionaires as anyone can embrace it even on a small budget. Of course, masterpieces by great artists are reserved for wealthy collectors. But you can start small with pieces from emerging artists and grow your collection over time. Buying them from the right places, such as directly from artists and online auctions, can also save you a lot.

Myth #2- You must own a big collection

It is easy to believe that you must own a big collection to be a successful collector. But you need not gauge your success by the number of paintings you own. Art collectors are integral to the ecosystem, no matter how many pieces they own and what the value of these pieces is. You can collect 50+ works over the years, or stick with a few pieces you are proud of. Just be comfortable the way you are!

Myth #3- Art education requires a fancy degree

The truth is that you can be a self-taught collector without formal education and training. You only have to experience excitement, joy, or empathy towards an artwork to understand it and pick the right elements for your collection. Moreover, you can think beyond a conventional medium like painting. Explore the beauty of contemporary photography with the likes of Julie Blackmon, Homegrown and more. The more you experiment with art genres, the better your collection is likely to become.

Myth #4- You must see the art in person

A lot about art collection has changed in pandemic times as collectors are comfortable with the idea of seeing and buying online. You can check viewing rooms of galleries online and pick pieces that appeal to your taste. The digital age increases the accessibility to collectors, and artists are open to using the internet as a selling platform. The best part is that you can find some incredible bargains on the internet.

Myth #5- You should think like an investor

You must not consider art a form of investment. It may accumulate value over time, but you cannot be too sure about the appreciation. Everything boils down to trends for collectors, and what you own may not be in demand later. It is best to buy without the thought of reselling down the line. You may make it big if luck is on your side. But it is only a game of chance.

Clearing these misconceptions gets you on the right track as an art collector. Choose wisely, be patient, and wait for the right opportunities!