How to Buy Wholesale Clothes for Your Boutique

You’re ready to begin your journey with fashion, but where do you start? How do all the cute boutiques you love find quality clothing to stock in their stores? It’s called wholesale women’s clothing! Don’t stress because we have all the answers here. 

Overseas or Local

First things first, do your research! You need to decide now whether you will be buying from local wholesale clothing or if you’re going overseas. There are various pros and cons to each. 

–         Shipping time may be short for a domestic supplier, but the number of products may be limited.

–         Quality may also be better with a domestic supplier.

–         International suppliers usually have cheaper clothes (that doesn’t mean a lack of quality), but shipping is longer. 

Brands, Style Options, and Trends

Ask yourself why you are doing this. One reason probably relates to being tired of limited options and similar styles in every store! Deciding these following factors may take part in your decision to take your money overseas for products or stay domestic. 

Brands are important! Again, do some research. While you may not know any specific brands yet, you can get an idea of what brands carry the type of styles you want to showcase in your store. Note now that bringing in the right brands will build trust with your customers. Not only are your customers looking for trendy fashion, but also quality pieces. Bringing in cheaply made clothing from inferior brands will only hurt your business in the long run. 

You do not have to fully commit to any brand or wholesale store yet! Instead, take them for a test run. Get a sample of five items. You’ll get to see the quality, the shipping time, and customer reactions when the product is in your store. Then make your decision on the brand and wholesaler. 

Apparel and Gift Markets

The Markets are some of the best places and experiences to have as a wholesale shopper. At a market, you’ll have the chance to see products in person to judge quality. While you’re there, meet the vendors and build relationships. Vendors will have displays to see how they are styling the latest trends that you can bring back from wholesale to your boutique clothing. 

A market favorite is that many will have the cash and carry. This means that they may have options to buy on-site and take the goodies home with you that same day. 

Since you’re out here building your brand, build those relationships too! Building trust and loyalty will lead you down a path later to be able to negotiate with sellers. Yes, that means getting a price down! Who wouldn’t want that?

Buying Wholesale Online

While every wholesale website is different, they are primarily straightforward about creating an account and placing an order. Some require a minimum amount or an order within a specific period. 

A great site to start looking at is Dear Lover

With all this great information, you now have some critical decisions. Just know that we are cheering for you!