5 Steps to Giving Your Dog a Good Life

As the saying goes “A dog is a man’s best Friend”. Dogs are loyal animals that not only provide us with security, but also are wonderful pets to keep at home as companions. They bring utmost joy to our lives as we watch them grow and learn and be part of our families. Keeping a dog is a great responsibility that requires you to provide serious care to have a healthy animal. Here are 5 things you can do to take good care of your dog.

1.    Provide the Right Food

If you want your dog to serve you right, and be that loyal and faithful companion, then you have to give the dog good and enough food. A dog that is well fed grows strong, is healthy and is able to learn what you teach it more effectively than a hungry one. Dogs also look better and more attractive if they are well fed. Consider the dog’s age, allergic reactions and energy levels to decide what to feed him or her. Also seek advice from a veterinarian.

2.    Visit a Veterinary on a Regular Basis

Dogs can be very sensitive depending on the breed and their environment. A healthy dog is not only a danger to itself, it is also a potential danger to you and your entire family. Sickly dogs can quickly spread diseases to you and your family members or to other animals. It is always recommended that you make frequent visits to your veterinary to ensure that your dog remains healthy. Have him or her vaccinated to protect them from contracting unwanted illnesses. You can visit the vet at least three times in a year.

3.    Let the Dog Exercise Regularly

Like human beings, dogs also require to exercise to keep them healthy and active.  Depending on what you want your dog to do, make their training a daily exercise routine. An active dog will always be sharp and will have increased immunity. Exercise also kills boredom which could lead to pent-up stress and bring about behavioural problems. You can do very simple exercises like taking walks when you can or even going jogging with your dog. The good thing is that dogs are quite flexible and will join you in various physical activities including swimming.

4.    Socialise Regularly with Your Dog

Many people have this false notion that locking your dog off away from others makes it fierce to scare away intruders. This idea is far from the truth. Dogs instead need specific training depending on what you want it to do. Irrespective of this, it is important that you socialise with your dog to improve its emotional health.  

5.    Ensure it Has a Safe Environment

While it is now common to let our dogs live inside our house, it is always good that you have a separate kennel to house your pet. Make sure that the dog house is both secure and clean. If especially you have a puppy, you may need to check more on its house to ensure that nothing within that environment can pose a health risk.

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