5 Things Drag Queens Can Teach Us About ‘Face’

Drag queens are so in at the moment, what with RuPaul’s Drag Race and contouring being so on trend.  To give ‘Face’ is a drag term for being beautifully made up, something that all us girls aspire to. So if you want to learn how to give ‘Face’ read on.

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Probably the most important things that drag queens have taught us is that makeup can really make a difference to how you look. You’ve probably seen those before and after pictures on social media. What we get from this is that makeup has the power to completely change or enhance the way we look. That’s where contouring comes in.

Contouring is the process of emphasising the bone structure of the face with light and dark shading. It can make you look slimmer, younger and like you have better cheekbones. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put a bit of powder on my face that go through all the pain of plastic surgery!


The next thing that we can take inspiration from is the eyes of drag queens. Don’t worry I am not recommending that you go out with blue eyeshadow up to your mid forehead and eyebrows that touch your hairline. The techniques that queens use can be adjusted for everyday wear.

Three things that you will never see any self-respecting drag queen without are black eyeliner, lashes, and eyebrows.  A drag queen’s job is to create an illusion of a bigger eye. They do this by covering over their eyebrows, and then drawing them on higher. This allows them to use more black eyeliner and eyeshadow all the way up to the brow bone, so their eyes seem huge. Then they top it off with upper and lower fake lashes.

You can adapt this to your own look by using white underneath your eyebrow. It shapes it into an arch and making it seem higher. You can also use black eyeliner to define your eyes. The bonus here is that the extensive black eyeliner makes it really hard to see if you haven’t got your lashes right on your eyeline.


The mouth is an essential aspect of giving good ‘Face.’ so the lips and teeth need to be just right.

Queens wear ‘flippers’ or false teeth that slide over their own teeth when they are competing in pageants. Although this might be a little extreme and impractical for everyday wear. Why not just keep your mouth as healthy as possible by using a good quality electric toothbrush with a whitening head? You can also use one of the electric flossers for teeth on that are on the market. That should help keep your pearly whites white. This means that if you need to enhance your smile, you should head over to Jessica Mansfield Clinic for the best treatment options.

Contrary to popular belief, Kylie Jenner did not invent the lip ‘over paint.’ Queens have been doing this for years. It’s a great way of evening out your lips or getting a bigger lusher lip for your look. You can learn to do this technique here. A great tip is to use a matte lipstick to over paint your lips. Then even when the light is bouncing off your lips, you won’t be able to distinguish your natural lip line from your painted one.

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