6 Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

Office space needs to be well-designed and comfortable in order to boost productivity and well-being amongst the employees. If you’re a business owner or an office manager, then you’re already aware of this fact. But did you know that having various indoor plants can be beneficial? So, if you’ve been meaning to incorporate some cosmetic changes in your office space, then consider adding some potted plants. Therefore, here are some advantages of keeping plants in your office space. 

1. They might help increase productivity

Productivity and work go hand in hand, so if you’re planning to boost your own productivity (and of your employees/co-workers), then plants are the right way to do so. The 2014 research found that just one plant per square meter, may improve memory retention and help employees get better as they work. However, aside from having plants, it’s important to focus on a positive workplace atmosphere, so your employees will feel motivated to work. Adding plants to your office will surely make everyone feel better. 

2. Plants purify the air

Another important benefit of having your own plants in the office is that they purify the air just by being there. In the 1980s, NASA scientists discovered that it’s possible to remove harmful chemicals in the air using plants. This was a breakthrough discovery, and recent research from The University of Technology Sydney found that plants might reduce carbon dioxide levels in air-conditioned offices. Palms are considered the most efficient when it comes to this, but the bottom line is that any plant can be equally effective when it comes to purifying the air. 

3. Having plants can lower noise levels 

Noise is often one of the biggest distractions in one’s office. Hence, if you want to keep your office space distraction and noise-free, then feel free to add a few potted plants here and there. Whether it’s background office chatter or music, plants can help reduce the noise levels, as long as you place large potted plants in different corners or edges of the office. So in order to lower the noise levels, feel free to mix pines, hollies, and other evergreen plants as they’re considered the best sound barriers. It’s important to use plants that have foliage since foliage is what helps reduce the noise inside the office. 

4. They can boost creativity

If your small business is all about writing and design, then it’s essential to make sure your employees are always inspired and creative. And plants can be of huge help here since they’re also known to shift the brain into a more creative processing mode. So if you want to treat your employees and beautify your office, then check out indoor plant delivery from Sydney, as you’ll like different options that will surely suit your space. There’s also a theory, called Attention restoration theory, that claims that just looking at nature and plants can make a person more creative, relaxed, and focused. 

5. Office plants can improve the physical health of employees

Sick days are always problematic in the workspace, mainly if you run a small business with only a few employees. But, the good news is, office plants can reduce sick days, meaning your employees will feel healthier surrounded by a few potted plants. Yet, certain health conditions might be due to poor ventilation in your office. This is why it’s essential to make sure that your office is properly ventilated. If you don’t do that, your employees might risk flu-like symptoms, nausea, and headaches. Once you take care of ventilation issues (if there are any), then add some plants to improve the physical health of your employees.

6. Indoor plants are great for stress relief

Stress and work are often enmeshed, so it’s essential to make sure your employees don’t feel stressed more than it’s strictly necessary. Making sure there are enough healthy stress reliefs, can help employees feel heard and appreciated. And plants are an amazing solution as they give a sense of relaxation and peace. After all, natural elements can be of great help when it comes to mental health and stress relief. Besides, plants can make your office look more beautiful, meaning that the employees will also feel welcome and pleasant while they’re working. 


These are important benefits of having plants in your office. If you’re planning to improve the workplace atmosphere and make your employees feel better, then consider getting some plants delivered to your office. This is the quickest, inexpensive and eco-friendly way to boost your business and help your workers achieve their goals while feeling good in the process.