6 Life Situations When Every Woman Should Consult a Legal Professional

We certainly do not hope for a lawyer during our lifetime and often hope those situations can be dodged. Women especially have felt issues regarding their gender, sexual orientation, race, and custody battles for their children. Often described as the weaker sex, they often felt excluded and discriminated against in several life situations. Unfortunately, most women do not have time to consult a legal representative for the issues they are having, whether at home or at work. In the eyes of the law, you have the same rights, therefore it is important to know when to seek help and for what. 

Domestic violence issues 

Unfortunately, the statistics on domestic violence are more than terrifying. Nearly 20 women are facing some kind of abuse; as you are reading this text, 1 in 4 are facing severe physical intimate violence, abuse, threat, emotional manipulation, and even homicide. This brings up the question: How come those women are not seeking out help? Well, most women do, yet because of the complicated legal system and lack of adequate support, most charges are dropped without any form of compensation or offered protection. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to hire a lawyer in such cases for several reasons. 

A professional lawyer well informed of the law can give you expert tips on how to deal with your delicate situations. A lawyer can help you make a good defense, represent you in court, and work in your best interest. Without a lawyer, chances are you’ll be left on your own, and as said most such cases are just dropped due to the lack of sufficient evidence. Never hesitate as your personal well-being has no price tag. 

Problems at work 

There have been numerous reports on cases of sexual harassment by women, as they are facing such issues in their working environment. Sexual harassment essentially includes all kinds of inappropriate and provocative behavior and talk. If you are faced with such behavior from your working colleague or even boss, seek out professional help immediately. Most women do not know if a particular incident is a case for suing someone and therefore most people get away with their inappropriate behavior without ever facing charges. With the help of lawyers, like the ones from Blumenshine Law Group, you can easily manage your problem and call out any form of inappropriate behavior or talk initiated by a colleague or superior. Such behavior includes provocative propositions as compensation for higher pay or rise. It includes the “casual” touch in the shoulder,  talk, or any form of sentence making you feel threatened and insecure. A lawyer is well acquainted with which accusations you can build your case and how to win it. Remember, if you let it happen, you are becoming part of a larger problem, not solving it. 

Custody battle 

After the dream wedding and years spent together, divorce is a turning point in the life of every individual and often the process of getting through is tough on its own. Yet the bigger issue is if you have to fight for the sake of your children and your right as a mother. Custody battles are tearing up families mostly due to maltreatment and lack of proper professional help. They end up unresolved and the kids are the ones suffering the most. Hiring a lawyer in such instances will ensure your safety and the safety of your children if the father is not a proper role model and is showing signs of aggression. Even if that is not the case, a lawyer will make sure you still have shared and equal custody over your children. 

In case of a personal injury 

Now, in cases of sustained personal injury due to an accident, whether vehicle-related or home/work-related, you have the right to full compensation and insurance. Though most people just let it pass, a lawyer will make sure you get everything you deserve, from paid medical bills to lost wages and sustained trauma. He or she will make sure the report you give cannot be twisted around and give you proper advice on what to do next. You can visit this URL to understand how personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation claims for your injury.

Facing discrimination 

The battle against any form of discrimination has been a long one and it seems a never-ending one as well. Women have faced different forms of discrimination in their workplace and environment and often were completely clueless about the legal rights they have in such instances. For example, you should hire a lawyer if you have been wronged in the workplace due to your sex, race, or disability, and most often pregnancy. Women have reported lower wages and lesser chances of climbing the hierarchy or getting a rise because of “often” maternity leaves. Luckily, the law protects you, yet seek a lawyer for proper advice and consultation. 

Estate lawyer 

Whether you are trying to sell your house, buy one, or are having issues with shared ownership of your estate, consulting an estate lawyer will give you the proper security you need. Not only are they well acquainted with all the laws regarding property ownership and transfer, but they can also give you advice in accordance with the demands of the market. They’ll even help you if you are having trouble selling due to shared ownership, as the house or apartment might belong partially to your ex. 


Wherever the case, make sure to play it smart and always look for someone more informed to help you out. 

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